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  1. So narrowed it down to relay 15 from there found some wiring diagrams online and traced it to the PTC connection on the turbo inlet hose. Caked with oil and either oil or dielectric grease inside. Hoping it was dielectric. Hopeing to pull the turbo inlet pipe and clean it out. find a new PTC somewhere or junkyard and put it back together and get it smogged.
  2. 18 blows fuse, 17 blows fuse, no 16, 15 winner. System relay. Now what’s that power? Lol
  3. Anyone have any locations or harness connectors I should check. Running out of ideas.
  4. Fuse 14 keeps popping. Owners manual says its AC and emissions. Blower isn’t working and car is running in reduced power (limp) mode. I have removed blower and relay and tested, unplugged both o2 sensors and still popping fuses. Can anyone tell me what else I should be checking. Seems to be a short. Blows 10 and 15 amp fuses. Looking for more harnesses to unplug to pinpoint the issue.