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  1. We are downsizing the number of cars we have and have recently upgraded for our daughter. This 1996 850 has R package wheels, new tires (maybe 250 miles), sunroof, good brakes, recently tuned, new heater core, new radiator, and new starter. Here's the deal: this car is cosmetically in need of a facelift. If I had the time, space, and money, I would keep it. Interior is rough, exterior has a lovely patina where the clearcoat is cracked/faded, and had a rebuilt front end (no frame damage): headlight assembly frame and hood. Alignment is true and tight (our local guy used to race cars, and when he replaced balljoints, etc. he set these things perfectly and we have not needed an alignment since, about 7 years, and there is no evidence of wear). EDIT: Apologies, I thought this was in the earlier draft. The car is a hard crank; mimics a weak battery (battery is new), blows white smoke for a few seconds upon start, then runs fine. I drove it in stop and go traffic 18 miles on a very hot day (95+) and brought it back. It was boiling over, but not overheating. I would consider this one of two things: A project car for someone who wants to put it back together, or a parts car for someone who wants a 5 speed and some new cooling system parts for a decent price. Asking $850 obo.