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  1. Hi Rob - Do I need a special membership level to post a 1999 V70R for sale? Sad to sell but I am in Tranny Hell! - Thanks V70R forum is awesome and has helped me a lot.

  2. Peels - try posting (or searching in the forums here!)


  3. Can you find a sound clip of this exhaust on an R please?? That's why no-one is buying them..You need proof it sounds good...Not too ricey... And I'm interested too

  4. Black-6-Speed - did you see this post about enhanced security and verified members in the Marketplace forums:



  5. Hi Rob, I sent you a message via facebook but im not sure that it worked. I have a volvo an awesome S60R for sale, however it wont let me post under the marketplace. any ideas? thanks, Andrew

  6. Don't forget to add the new 3000GT to your user profile ;)

  7. Welcome ... always cool to see another Montreal area member! :) :)

  8. One of the coolest 1sr member (and new R owner) posts ever!!!

  9. Wow... a serious brainiac champion based on that Hall of Fame score of 29 in Simon over in the Arcade ;):)

  10. Commenting to myself heheheh