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  1. not knowing what car you have. this was the first post on a google search for volvo oem trailer hitch.
  2. should be easy enough to find from online suppliers.
  3. na, i have OEM spray already. i want it to blend perfect.
  4. i've had mine for at least 3 years sitting on my parts shelf. to cheap to get painted, and not willing to bondo in yet lol.
  5. My exact thoughts, I had no idea they were that light
  6. well, we are approaching the one year anniv. of me owning I'd like to think things are going well. I have to THANK CHUCK for all his help. I could not have done it without him. i know many were suspect and vocal of the site making it and prospering( Mainly JIM((JRL))) hahaha. I know you posted the site would be dead in 90 days( be careful what you post on other sites jim, it all gets back to me. and i don't forget ) anyway, i want to thank everybody for your support and hope to do some great things in 2012. if you have any suggestions, please speak up. Mike.
  7. i don't know the exact answer on the feb 10, but IIRC there was a system crash and that might of been the last back up. the content, you've never added anything worthy of being considered content.
  8. yeah, cruise around, lots of good stuff here. Mike.