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  1. Hi new friend. Do I know you?

  2. looking at my profile again eh?

  3. long time no talkie resa! hope all is good, did you get that house already?

  4. i thought that was just between us Raf. i'm disappointed. :(
  5. listen man, you can't be the ONLY sausage in my life. I have to get my spicy meat from other sources when you're not around. I'm not a one-sausage kind of gal.
  6. he showed up 5 minutes before they closed, so doug ordered him one before they shut down the grilles. he was only in town for 2-3 hours too then he went back to santa cruz for a fireworks show. too bad you and Sandra didn't stay, you guys missed out on some bomb-jerk pasta and sausage at my place.
  7. ben, you're a dirty hoe!!! i think the best part of your pimpage was when you almost tried to talk a bride to be out of going through with it but she wasn't "your type"
  8. I have 2 others, but I need Ben's permission to post them :lol:
  9. oh the expert spoketh. I've seen plenty of 240's make 220-230whp on kjet, smaller turbos and less mods with out issues other than being extremely fuel limited. Brians car can make 250-260whp with out to much issue I think reliably. On kito's dyno that will be pretty close to 280-290whp. There ARE 300whp redblocks with stock heads and internals on turbobricks. Its not that hard. the magical cookie (on the wonderful gal's computer)
  10. jeeze, a lot of negativity here. just because mexico has that policy, it doesn't mean we should. try thinking about why they left mexico eventhough their demonstration wasn't as successful as they had planned, its nice to see a significant amount of people stand up for what they believe in
  11. there's a difference between being politically correct and having the courtesy and manors of not offending someone based on things that they can't control. the further being a trend and paranoia like swdracr (i'm sorry, i dont know your name) and greg said, the latter being kindness.... that doesn't make much sense so i'll conclude with I AGREE!! i think its fun to learn about different cultures that co-exist in our communities. aside from my italian side of the family, i dont really get exposed to a lot of "culture"