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  1. G-Mick

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    K so.... even tho I dont know anyone on the boards i wanna boast that this procrastinating SOB just got accepted to UVIC for engineering. nuts to all my classmates that worked their asses off... i mean i learnt the stuff but life is worth living easily... no sense in taking it too seriously. congrats to me, and i hope whoever else who reads this wishes me good luck too.. im out - G
  2. G-Mick

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! mm.. Corona is good! - G
  3. G-Mick

    Post here when you're drunk or hungover

    Mmm... long day of tweaking a home depot DIY MBC apparently my shitty conical 15G can boost over 20 psi! hahah All that droving made me thirsty, so a nice rewarding budweiser (or 6) was in order.. by the way these are CANADIAN budweiser, and IMO are 10 fold better than that crap down.. umm.. there anyway, congrats to me for making that friggin spring and bearing I hack sawed outa my lil bro's toy work! ha - Graham