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  1. OH SNAP i aint posted in SOOO long. im am drunbk though. i jsut watched some of my volvo videos and got all choked up realizing i wouldnt br driving my baby for a long time! i hate that oh yeah! anyways though. So whattup NW crew, just checkin in from the 303 (Boulder, CO). Seen 1 souped up 740 and heard of another (tbrick member) down here. So all's not lost.!
  2. dotn matter the vid didnt upload succefulyy. but nah i didnt win, tream got 5th and we got some primes...each came out with 10$$
  3. GOD DAMNIT GRANT! YOU DOUCHE BAG I WANTED TO BE THE first to post drunk in the drunk thread! monkey. well i guess 2nd or 3rd is alright. !!! we hoo! buzz ps autoX video is on adrians site
  4. "bangin with a hand up a dress like, UH" -50 Cent in reference to my schools dance nothin beats prefunking in a deserted park in the Central District (hood) of Seattle 2 blocks from the school.
  5. ha drunk! well im home now but i was there an hour ago..good ol UW keggers! mmmm pita bread and hummus = bomb