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  1. wow i really should have looked at this fourm more than never... would have done this! need to sell some stuff :angry:
  2. wow that exhaust is tempting as eff, as is the rear sun shade. but im sure as soon as i find the cash it'll be gone, how many miles on the exhaust by the way? can you email pics of the rear sun shade and exhaust to me thanks ben
  3. awww, you guys are such good solid grown up people ill stay 24 for a wile thanks though ben
  4. yea caliper bolts shouldnt be that tight lol, maybe suspension bolts or something...
  5. well i agree to some respects, its an awsome idea, but the actual pictures used could me much more clear, i usually fully understand whats going on in the pictures only after i have completed one of the jobs outlined on that page.
  6. heres the deal, get the rotor pin off that holds the rotor on the hub (Not the Axle Nut the small pin that lines up with your wheels) take off the caliper (obviously) if it doesn’t fall right off your going to have to find your buddie who doubles as an H addict and have him crawl under your car with a sledge hammer or similar blunt object and have him hammer that little rusted sucker off. it took a solid 20 30 throws from my H buddie before mine fell off (the fronts a least) the rears came right off. the shocks work by the way, hope they last! don’t forget the anti squeal goop to!! Ben
  7. it sounds like he just did replacment work, so i assume stock springs.
  8. Well guys thanks for the responses; I went with the OEM units from FCP because of time restraints, along with a serious lack of money right now. However ill assume these will last at least 10 15k miles so ill worry about it when that time comes, perhaps do some sways and end links at the same time. Thanks for all your help guys Ben
  9. anyone know if they do? i seriously doupt anyone would give a life time warrenty for somthing that gets as much abuse as an endlink lol but if they do its deff work a few extra bucks for a treat like that. thanks guys Ben
  10. well i mean these stock ones lasted like 60k miles it looks like atleast (thats how long since the last suspension replacement) if not these may be the original equipment for the car as far as i know. so should i just get the oem units from FCP and hope it lasts a few years?
  11. the thing is this the bolt just spins around in a circle if i dont have a wrench in the back to lock it in place. for this reason along i think i need the new endlinks. regardless what do you guys think should i get the IPD hd units for 39 bucks? i honestly dont want to spend much more than 80-90 bucks for these things if i apsoutly have to?
  12. well if i had access to a bunch of great tools i most likely wouldnt be asking this question :D
  13. oooh no no, they are just rusted to hell. i had 3 buddies over and we all tried for about 3 hrs to get that thing off, sprayed countless times and let soak in with PB blaster and WD-40. we tried everything but frankly those things are just on there super hard. any way you put it i would need some new bolts at the minimum. my very trust worthy mechanic told me that he usually just cust the bolts off and inserts new bolts... i could do that but wouldn’t even know where to get that specific bolt.. so i figure ill just get some new end links. takeing them off by having a ratchet on the bolt and using a wrench in the back of the strut plate to hold the bolt tight. i was doing it right but it just wasn’t budging lol sucks.
  14. so heres the deal, i tried to replace my suspension the other day and basically couldn’t get the front end links off the Darn car so i think ill have to replace them with some new ones and cut the old ones off this weekend. the question i have for you boys is what one should i buy. i searched and found out that yea the statler ones are amazing, great they also cost 140 bucks, thats half of what i paid for all 4 of my shocks. the IPD ones cost 100 bucks... again.. expensive but a little more doable. the FCP stock units cost 30 bucks.. may as well go with the IPD ones at that point. and the aftermarket ones from FCP cost 15 bucks a piece, thats a nice looking price there lol. now i understand that thicker end links will increase the stiffness of my sway bar and help out more. but im wondering what the down side would be of just saying F it and buying the 15 dollar units? will they break during normal day to day driving? i need these to last a couple years so if thats the case ill just get the better units. thanks for your help guys. Ben
  15. mine are silver look good, and get covered in break dust just as fast as my wheels get covered.... if you wash your car often its not a problem what so ever.