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  1. What Are You Listening To...

    Sirius Octane 20 :tup:
  2. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    I have a full face disc.
  3. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Nah, it will smooth out once you get around 1k on it, it's a hard face clutch so it takes longer to bed the clutch in. About two months ago I removed the tranny to fix a nasty tranny oil leak that developed (sealer didn't do it's job). I added Royal purple 75W-90 (50%) with 75W-140 (50%) gear oil which gives an end viscosity of 110 and so far the gear noise at low speeds it's nearly zero and the box feels smoother (except for the clutch disc rattle). Do you guys have issues with gear noises at low speeds (5-20mph)? like a whinning sound or clatter kinda hard to explain.
  4. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Once its up and running, let me know if the SPEC 3+ rattles your gearbox to death and how do you like the feel of the clutch. At first mine was pretty harsh (jumpy) when you let the clutch out and now it's smooth and feels like a stock clutch but with one heck of a bite Nice project, keep up the good work..
  5. The Chronicles Of Area 34, formerly 55

    Wow, LPG. That will be awesome in CA, no more smog checks but with a big turbo
  6. Project Pras

    The sad part about project Pras is that we won't be able to see the work with our own eyes. Sometimes pics don't do a car justice in order to appreciate the work that has gone into it. I've seen this before on other projects. Based on his write up, I expected worse, but it came out pretty decent IMO, I give him a for creativity. I must agree with Johann, the previous color looked amazing on his car. My.02 Raf
  7. Project Pras

    Well, I think it looks good but I've never been/will be a fan of the color "RED", not to forget yellow Too each's own. Dang Pras, I see that your dental cleaning work hasn't been the greatest. Know wonder your leaving LA to India Raf
  8. Project Pras

    Dang Pras, I feel ur pain. A bit of advise for any member on this forum that tries to under take a detailed project like the few of us have done or are doing, at some point it becomes a nightmare, so please, do your research and budget accordingly. I had my share of issues which you're well aware of but I wont get into that since we are chatting about your project. I heard that you also decided to changed the color, WHY???? it looked so pimp before IMO. The only thing I can say is that I hope the end results make you happy or satisfied. I'm sure Aaron will get the motor figured out but you will never get your $$ worth out of the car, might as well keep it for a while or until you return. Too bad you live far from me because I would of given you a helping hand, now post pics and quit ranting Raf
  9. Davis I.jpg

    From the album Carbon_R Pics

    © Volvospeed © 1998-2007

  10. Project Blackt5

    It's about time Mark Raf
  11. Rear Shock Adjustment And Access

    Me two Raf
  12. Yet Another 850 Jewels Problem

    I did the same thing Raf
  13. I Spy With My Little Eye... Something Porsche

    Much luv for black calipers, looking good. Raf
  14. Vcoa National Meet

    DANG Resa, I guess humping his wagon isn't enough Doug might get jealous Raf
  15. Gt3071r Turbo / Tial Gate

    HAHA, use this on a stock bottom end and the rod will end up in your chin I must say fo shizzle of a deal, get on it Pras!!! Raf