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  1. back in a volvo after hellish year plus in accord, my back is happy!

  2. View PostAverageVolvo, on 05 October 2010 - 09:18 PM, said: We can probably thank the likes of L8Apex JAYBISH GREEKONE and friends for fuc*ing this up If this is the case that started the changes to for sale - why is greekone billy being allowed to be a part of the quaife group buy? Has he righted his wrongs? Should he be allowed? Is it fair? I have bought and sold a fair amount of things on this board, never scammed anyone, but never got any member reviews - I have to admit I haven't made enough corresponding member reviews for items I have bought - so tit for tat. I had a seller of an item not show, call, or text after I drove 90 miles up to Carlisle but I filed paypal claim well within the 45 days and got a full refund. Sure I was out the entire day and gas money but that's life. All this being said, Man up people! If you are getting scammed, file a friggin claim! Don't use paypal gift! bring the right amount of cash for a local pickup! If you are scamming people, if you aren't man enough to go out and earn honest money and do honest things, karma will come back and kick you hard in the jewels. / karma may be in the form of the guy's fist or foot, or his friend's, in your backside. /disclosure voice /soapbox new system looks to add more checks to buying/selling and may help to defray (a little bit) the costs of keeping this website up. I will register and give it a shot this week. Craig
  3. I see what you did there Charles - you are a sneaky! :lol:
  4. bummer - I just put my ad up yesterday - so much for clearing out my basement. :(
  5. project soccer dad sleeper

  6. ludman