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  1. wheel hub/bearing and A/C clutch shims! Good times with the new lift and 12K btu A/C 😎
  2. they are rebuilt volvo calipers from rockauto
  3. dual piston calipers for the xc90! big difference in the stoppin!
  4. spent so many years on this forum learning how to fix and improve upon this 98 GLT wagon, finally took her to the scrapper after yanking parts off of it for a few years..(yes thats her on the very top)
  5. I do, it's out of the car but still bolted to the engine/trans out in my garage so I'll have to remove to get a good pic of the splines.. was working fine though
  6. I have some angle gears from 00 XC and one from 99 XC, they are different.
  7. the wiring won't be there, would need a different harness or to run new wires from the ecu box probably, no telling what kind of splicing would be involved ...
  8. accessories and turbo were attached as well ... much easier with a board to slide it up/down on .. good luck with the swap, I'm sure you'll make short work of it!
  9. I picked one up one time and hoisted it into my wagon with the guy I bought it from .. with our bare hands. . was surprised that was doable but he was pretty confident about it so I went for it.. lol
  10. scored some step rails off craigslist for the '90