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  1. Installed supersprint exhaust + hitch on the wagon yesterday ..
  2. decided to get off my arse and install the trailer hitch today .. that went without a hitch .(ha). . while I was on a roll I opted to finally install the supersprint cat-back I picked up months ago ... well, that was kind of a pain in the ass as expected due to me having to roll around in the dirt to do so.. but its on ..probably going to have to tweak the rear hangers a bit more and replace the POS clamp holding the two sections together at some point but it is on and after a few adjustments not knocking against the hitch bar .. and sounds pretty nice
  3. spent about an hour on the XC bumper, here is after about 20 mins with the heatgun .. looks much better, will still probably use some product on it ...
  4. dang, this showed up already and I only ordered like 36 hrs ago
  5. new front end all lined up, need to spend some time on that front bumper now .. oh and find another XC grille since my wagon has become attached to the one I have ...
  6. looks great Phil! glad that deal worked out for you ..
  7. changed the fuel pump relay in my "new" $400 v70R about 10 minutes from home after stalling out and having to run home for it ... car made the 75 mile trek but damn is it ugly !!
  8. Found a buyer for the 850's hood + a fender, headlight, etc off craigslist so I started messing around with the xc front end swap today, everything seems to line up fine ..
  9. sucks, but she looks good up there, what was the delay?
  10. super clean kev, maybe add some x70 door handles + rear mudflaps?
  11. Pulled the future winter beater out from under the trees and cleaned it off today.... my dads old s70awd with 307K .. The plan is putting the 170k engine and trans from the XC I picked up in there this fall ..
  12. there is a decent writeup here already you should check out; might be a few weeks before I get into this, I can try to snap a few pics, I'm usually more of a do work first, snap a few pics later kind of guy tho
  13. sniped one of these off ebay.. now im into it about 250$ after getting the cage/dash kit and extra cables .. Ive got a fresh center trim piece to go in with it so I will probably scoop up an evaporator and go to town ... fun ...
  14. P/S hub/wheel bearing .. not that difficult a job, just a lot of wrenching .. figures it would start acting up right after I got an alignment ... D/S was done when I got the car like 3 yrs ago ..
  15. plenty of people on here have reported issues with the bosch wires, should go bougicord (oem) or kingsborne (8mm +15-20$ iirc) ...
  16. car today? drove it to lowes to get a trailer ball and lawn mower battery after I got my old toro tractor going and mowed the lawn [had to bypass a safety switch, had given it to my parents a few yrs back and they gave up on it... ha! ] ... then I mounted the trailer ball and cup[beer]holder on there... and took a few peeps for a hayride in the trailer goes pretty quick ... going to clear a trail for it through the woods.. for someone whos hard to entertain Im easily entertained ...
  17. not sure how long the cl pic link will last but got a lil 4x6 trailer, just need to go pickup a hitch for my wagon now ..