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  1. I used a big shiny screwdriver with a thin piece of foam over it .. u can see where the clips are based on the replacements, I just slid over to those two spots on top and on bottom... pop popx2 ... no nicks or scratches .. no flashlight I was quite pleased that it didnt take much effort as I was worried about fudging something up but all clips are intact I may try the mirrors myself but I dont really do any highway driving right now which is what theyre most helpful for I think ..
  2. Why such a PITA? I just swapped out my dad's aspherical glass (he couldnt get used to it) on both sides the other day and it only took a few mins to pop em out and pop the originals back in . .
  4. Filled tank up after work .. got back in the car and noticed the mileage.. finally been logging some substantial miles in this car ..
  5. Brought back a few empties today... It was a long winter
  6. funny, I did a quick search on that as I hadnt heard about the 'incident' .. was quickly linked to that chick's twitter and first thing I clicked on:
  7. lol just checked out the ipd link ... was there really a need for a instructional video for valve stem caps?
  8. ^^^ that looks really nice G... foam applicator,etc sounds like basically same deal as the forever black stuff.. does it come with the cleaner/prep stuff too? may have to try that next, pretty sure I'm almost out of the FB..
  9. I usually use this stuff. . lasts a good while, sucks if you get any on your paint so masking off helps .. also kiwi dye but I havent tried that yet personally... I think survolvo mentioned he plastidipped the trim on his 850 which actually looks really good in the couple pics I saw.. not sure if I'd go that route tho ..
  10. ^^^ looking good ... reminds me I've got to hit the trim on my dad's xc sometime soon ..
  11. B Beautiful freakin day - got started early and hand washed the filth of winter off the wagon.. dried ... then started waxing and buffing off panel by panel .. poor thing took a beating commuting through RI and MA the last few months ... oh and then amazingly the GF got involved and vacuumed the interior, rinsed off the mats, cleaned the windows and cleaned the leather
  12.,0,2928308.story fawking honda kids
  13. changed a leaking wheel cylinder on the gf's lebaron convertible and gave it an oil change ... I'm so tired of working in the dirt .. I really need to choose a spot and get a slab poured this year for a future garage...
  14. Is that why you got him the fleshlight?
  15. 01 s60 t5 motor w/ 16t, blues,etc... @120k .... deal I couldnt refuse ..will go in the red car ..
  16. had to scroll down to see the word 'class' ... but happy you didnt get into another accident...
  17. agreed. it is the ultimate pops-mobile for sure.. yes
  18. had a decent weather saturday .. changed my oil, and had my dad's xc over for his oc as well ... also rotated his tires, cleaned the wheels, brakes and exhaust tips .. yea he's lovin it ..
  19. ^^ I'd post in there .. havent done anything to my car other than drive it for a few months now I think ... Oil change this weekend I'm thinking .......
  21. This. I just ponied up the extra $2 .. the prophecy has been fulfilled ...