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  1. I dunno but I'm headed to the car wash after seeing that lol
  2. are you just really tall, on stilts, or standing on a ladder? or maybe celebratory piggyback ride?
  3. I actually have 2 extra shift knobs that match this wheel .. pretty sure the buttons both have the normal slight cracks but if you want a knob let me know, will sell on the cheap .. or maybe u meant u has a manual
  4. rappin.... for jesus
  5. nice.. just spray that sucker black and I bet no one notices ..
  6. map pocket is in, glovebox cleaned out, washed it since it was filthy... sun came out just as I was finishing up... now its time for a beer...
  7. Got productive for a bit today, I now have 4 perfect door panels, 3/4 perfect doors (drivers door weld is busted, grr), also minus one dent and one finicky actuator... and some crappy old window tint .. Also just fixed the standoffs for the map pocket I acquired so itll be ready to go in tomorrow .. interior is pretty much all sorted to start commuting next week annoyance free (lets hope) ...
  8. noticed a flock of wild turkeys working their way through my driveway today ...
  9. Reglueing p/s door panel .. loctite stick n seal EXTREME! we'll see how this one holds ... a few of the standoffs stayed on the door, going to use jbweld on those when I put it back on I think ..
  10. didnt happen to grab the cargo cover too didja? cld really use one of those .. Ive got a buddy in seatown with an 855 and new pup tho, ill link him over here, maybe he wants ..
  11. yeppppp so I got a set too .. plus nordic 302mm rotors and an oil filter cartridge ... all to my door for a hair under $120 .. just couldnt help myself...
  12. ar finally pulled the rest of the useful shite outta the T5 today.. should be off to the scrapper this weekend ..
  13. my brother's pos pontiac was over for some front brakes today .. wagon is coming along tho, new winter wheels + michelin X ice tires .. + mudflaps all around .. also recently realized my 'new' headlights had city light sockets and tossed some 5xLed's in there ..
  14. mudflaps went on today .. along with winter wheels/tires, new corner lights.. and washed it
  15. I imagine thats so he can sit in there with a beer and stare at his rides
  16. heading back to CT this morning with my dad's new ride .................................
  17. just noticed yesterday while changing a light bulb that the aftermarket headlights I has were prewired for 'city lights' ... bought some 194's last nite .. plugged em in this morning.... interesting ...
  18. D/s axle seal today.. FCP seal started weeping after 500 miles or so.. other side is fine... put a new oem on there .. no issues with the stupid circlip thankfully ..