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  1. I think you may need a more lowpro mattress there chief ..
  2. Haha funny I never saw this post....this na havinass mofo hauled ass ri4te by me lik a bat outa hell ..
  3. hmmm well today I painted my overflow tank cap black ....... over the past few weeks on the other hand ... Ive done just about everything else :ph34r:
  4. did the snozberries taste like snozberries? :P
  5. you should really replace that hose :rolleyes:
  6. successfully extracted pesky headbolt from the block in my wagon... huge win.. words cannot express the joy. OH and the buyer is coming to pickup my GTI in a few hours Wins all around :D
  7. +1 for Location. Havent seen it for anthing in for sale yet, very helpful when considering shipping, pickup, etc.. Seems like the first question in every associated thread I see.
  8. so shouldnt it be since the c70 is on the same platform now too? :lol:
  9. vanessa hudgens, the new candies girl... yum... how I noticed the volvo in the background? no idea :lol:
  10. Sexual Harassment - Workplace Training ^^ not really safe to watch at work tho.. unless you work where I work :lol:
  11. phunktified