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  1. not the picture I was expecting when you said it 'rolled over' ... ha!
  2. I have the same coffee cup
  3. new tires + alignment today
  4. stock 2004 LPT c70, Im not sure, we just got the car last week, all Ive done is flush the trans and drive it to the beach :-P
  5. I feel like maybe I should lower this thing ..
  6. same issue with mine with similar low miles, but way past the short warranty period...
  7. Ive had this one for going on 10 years now, good choice
  8. have fun at carlisle - im going to the lake .. ps check out the front p/s corner where I started detailing the trim finally lol
  9. look at the wiring to the actual brake unit the module plugs up into where it comes out of the plastic cover, in my 97 the wires are going to shite and I get random codes sometimes, going to be swapping that out, doesnt look like fun tho!
  10. weird... spotted two different white 850 sedan's in my area over past few weeks that both have good condition R front bumpers.. one has a wing, the other does not and neither one is an R ...
  11. on the XC I adjusted the catch for the hatch to perfectness and also for my drivers door. feels good
  12. Dang. I have a near mint silver hood in ct, a rad support too i think.
  13. Pulled the D/S on the XC yesterday - colorado rebuilt with less than 10k and I am getting some pinging/ clicking out of the front joint, center and rear all check out OK as does the angle gear.. have to look more into it but hopefully an easy fix.... will probably just leave it out for the summer and deal with ti later took off winters and put the Naiads back on for the moment and now theyre saying 5" of snow friday haha. hopefully getting another set of perfo's in a week or two so I dont have to bother dismounting the studded toyo's ..
  14. edit: wrong thread since Im here anyway, I just got a new pump for my hottub off ebay for under 100 bucks...
  15. x4 for my perfo's so I can take the studded tires off the XC in a week or two .. will try and find another set of 16's for those before next winter .. will see how I like these ,they were uber cheap (250 for the set) but I loved my last set of hankook's ...
  16. I would have also accepted a shoe/my foot, and empty qt of oil (in wine box)
  17. Extended my trip in NH another day for the 'blizzard'!