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  1. both front door checks in XC were 'poppin' - so annoying ...  I did this ghetto fabulous mod today with a metal bracket I got for 2 bucks and cut down into two pieces,

    drivers side took a little longer since someone had attempted to weld it before .. doors open and close smooth as silk now and you cant even really see these pieces from in the car.. 

  2. The fun never ends!  pulled t/b on XC to replace front cam seals ...  found them relatively dry underneath (d'oh)  ...  putting it back together I noticed the mechanical tensioner didnt spring back like it should...  tried adjusting it several times ... felt as if it was going bad after running it for a minute I could hear some kind of bearing noise.. yikes, I've had one of those fall apart before .....  was going to try and get one off the local indy but remembered I had pretty new stuff on the parts motor I had in the garage ... swapped for the hydraulic setup and she is purring again ...  I am missing that good ol' plastic safety bushing however... Maybe its in a box somewhere ... edit: .19 cents at fcp - time to buy more crap.

  3. aaaaaaand woke up early this morning and saw that it was going to snow all day starting about 15 mins from then.... skipped the coffee and hit the garage - removed D/S from old blue and installed on the XC - when I was done there was 2-3"  of fresh powder and more coming down - got to take a nice drive in the fluffy stuff - loving the studded toyo's with the AWD and ground clearance. ..  why didnt I get an XC long ago?    coffee time now...

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  4. tore apart this XC I picked up and did PCV job, pulled leaky RAD, I/C, replaced a cam seal (ordered more), changed a few engine mounts, cabin filter... yanked all the SAS junk out... PCV had obviously been an issue awhile, top of the bay had been cleaned but a greasy mess down below, spent awhile cleaning that up...   On the plus side, working AWD, working AC, clean interior,no rust and it came with a brand new battery ..... oh and its a volvo.

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  5. zsRYLiA.jpg

    Well my wagon had been acting up and ended up suffering some rear quarter damage last week so I just grabbed this late 98 XC with just over 200K for 800 bucks yesterday, needs a lil TLC but it runs and drives great and the body panels are mint, gonna toss my colorado driveshaft on there with the studded snow tires and EST dual exhaust.. (among other things)


    happy holidays

  6. more 850 stuff today - new oem plugs, wires, cap, rotor and air filter.   did fuel filter a few weeks ago already, about to go back in the garage and do both front wheel bearings, also just applied first coat of liquid electrical tape to the abs pump wires, I thought they only needed to be touched up in one spot but the whole sheathing basically disintegrated in my hand!

  7. 1 hour ago, matt b said:

    Digging what you're doing with this one. Looks good. :tup:

    thanks!  I'm having a weird issue fitting mudflaps cuz of the front end swap, I guess I could just leave them off..  I either need to put the XC sideskirts on or paint some x70 ones red I guess... I think I'd prefer the latter .. I think I could make the 850 ones work still but one of mine is MIA ! 

  8. 16 hours ago, andyb5 said:

    I'm running drop bolts and am at -2* in the back, no camber wear issues on either set of tires I own. 

    I can't wait to get the front to -2* or more. 

    that's good, my impressions are from an XC on TME's and euro nivo's which was stuck at -3*  and uneven wear was definitely an issue even with constant rotations, perhaps the R being a touch lower to start is a bit more forgiving..  I imagine I would have run into the same problem if I had opted to run them on my s70 awd... 

  9. 9 hours ago, mattsk8 said:


    go with the rake, it shouldnt be too severe with the eibachs, you can fool with some minimal fooler bolts back there if need be but honestly lowering the rear on a p80 awd just isnt worth it if you are actually driving the car often due to the non-adjustable camber and uneven tire wear ...  

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  10. over last week or so, swapped tinted windows from paRts car into 850, installed meyle hd control arms, sway links, tie rod ends ...  swapped/cleaned throttle body with new gasket and arm (fixed CEL), just need to run it through emissions now and go get the rear tinted and new tires installed...  I think I will try and fit the EST dual exhaust I have to my wagon and put the super sprint on the 850 at some point also ...  I have more suspension goodies, TME + Koni yellow for front, eibach + bilstein hd for rear, but I may hold off on lowering until spring... 


    Still haven't washed it in three years!!  should probably get some wax on there soon and treat the trim..

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