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  1. I was thinking of trying something like this
  2. My 850 totally has that! plus I had just put in one of those ebay heater cores right before it got parked for 2 years lol ... oh noooooo
  3. got some temp plates for the 850 today, finally wired in the S70 headlight connectors and took her for a joy ride on some errands tonight! A few minor issues remain with the ABS computer and getting a code for the TPS still, sooo will probably just swap the whole manifold and throttle body from my parts car tomorrow since I have an extra gasket for that but not the throttle body ... was good to have her back on the road tho, threw a tape deck in there and rocked out to an old pennywise/bad religion mix.. aww yeah...
  4. brother's C70, dad's XC70, and my wagon still rocking the silver hatch ... 850 finally crept out of the garage today with the '01 2.3 motor swap buttoned up.. bumper and lights are on now but it's dark out already ...
  5. Started the 850 finally today, we got a new dog and I hadnt touched it since dropping the rn motor in for a month or so, a lil anti climactic, anyways, had no spark and ended up having to swap the bracket for the crank sensor tonight to the old style , what a fun time that was. oh well she runs now, hopefully another update soon :)
  6. Oh cmon, it's obvious any proponent of gay conversion shock therapy is a fruit cake (not that there's anything wrong with that).. Just cuz I pointed out the obvious doesn't mean I ever supported Hill-dog... You know an openly gay vice president could be as ground breaking as a female prez..
  7. The Donald is going to be too busy running his 500 companies through his 'blind' trust (picture ninja turtle mask) to actually run the country. If people really want to soften up the regime they should concentrate on getting Pence to realize he is gay again and that this country can be a safe place for him to let his freak flag fly!
  8. update, got guaranteed auto glass here replacing the glass on saw horses.. now I just have to decide whether to put this hatch back on the car in its slightly dented rust spot'd around the edges glory, spruce it up first, or paint the perfect silver one that is on there ...
  9. so my tailgate window just randomly completely shattered on my wagon while the car was sitting running/parked today.. possible acorn? possible act of god? we may never know.. in any event It didnt start falling apart until I got home ... so I installed the tailgate from the V70R on my car .. I guess I am definitely parting that thing out now! I have full glass coverage but I wasnt about to wait .. anyone ever get their ins. co to cut them a check for a glass claim? in my experience which has always been just for windshields they just try and send someone out to replace, I have never tried to just straight claim it for a check ...
  10. has a snowplow!
  11. dropped the Rn motor into my 850 at long last a few days ago, still need to finish putting everything back together.. I gotta say it was very cumbersome mating the engine to the trans in the car compared to dropping them in together .. took quite a bit of tweaking .. had to remove the crank pulley also... I suppose I could see the benefit of doing it that way in an awd car though... also I would remove the P/S axle if I did it again that way due to the newer style oil cooler hose trying to get in the way ...
  12. 850 has finally come off the back burner!
  13. When I look at that red R all I see is
  14. already changed all the plugs, no problem there ...
  15. Meant to mention my spare set of charcoal R floor mats fit perfect
  16. snapped up an f150 for 800 bucks.. 160k,.4x4 and AC work, has new exhaust and curt hitch + wiring ... needs a rear brake line and a coilpack or two...
  17. that thing looks so sweet emiel!! here are my lawn ornaments
  18. Congrats on taking your relationship to the next level!
  19. been actually parking in the garage all week so far .. interesting concept ...
  20. did the rear brakes on the wagon including calipers, ended up getting (having) to use my new bubble flare tool with great success.... also washed all the crap off it from being parked under a tree... I guess parking in the shade isnt always the best idea ....