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  1. the R tips work quite well on the C, good call
  2. started tinkering with silver R #2 a lil bit .....^^ and at the new place...
  3. yeah thats the same one, looks like you would have to drive to clewiston or naples for the 599 TSC deal .. [shows as 699 on the website til you click on it] ...
  4. tractor supply co. $599 .. had a sheet of 3/4 ply handy to drop in.. boom...
  5. small upgrade to my trailer... the 5x8's were on sale so I snagged one, can demote my little unregistered 4x6 to yard duty..... can actually see this one in my rear view mirrors which is nice and the gate will be helpful ....
  6. no, you just gotta use your head man ... literally :)
  7. nice spot!! ... you may be aware but you can also get LED edison look bulbs now, either tinted yellowish or not, kinda cool, dimmable... I got the candlebra ones for my ceiling fans...
  8. I just found a pair of the p108 lithium+ extendo batteries at home depot for 79.99...
  9. ^ but its sitting in a field, I'd pass :-P strange to wake up to 8 inches of snow today when I swear I was just powerwashing my deck in 50 degree weather last night ..
  10. Squat? My wagon's ass sagged way too much on eibachs with any cargo, swapped the rears for t5 sedan springs.
  11. good news for anyone in my area, since I shelled out a grand for a snowblower we'll only get half an inch at a time this year...
  12. I actually touched my car with a wrench today, (it had been awhile) ... replaced a flattened out P/S motor mount and the tailgate latch, riveted side of the rear bumper back on, tightened down a couple clamps, topped up all fluids and put some gas in it ... I think it's happy now. ..
  13. 28" 11 HP SHO and this
  14. I just installed one of those for my buddy, it is nice but annoying that for such a beastly high end item theres just a flimsy plastic bracket to mount it to on back of mb, the screws will bottom out really easy, be gentle.
  15. I wouldnt know! havent washed my car in months!!! too busy working on the house, the seats have renewed my interest in giving the 'ol wagon some TLC however .. got a free car wash in the rain today
  16. While everyone was scrambling to buy up performance parts from the XR partout I had a mild stroke of brilliance and inquired about the front seats.... just plopped these in my grocery getter last night, Id been missing my S60 seats for years, sweet stuff! Thanks Hussein!
  17. sweet yellow^ ive been plugging away on the foreclosure... my recent purchases include a bunch of metal roofing and pvc board for fascias and soffit ...
  18. maybe they updated it, there is a giant switch made of thick plastic now ... anyways, 99 bucks for a 6hp 14gal was a good deal on this, got to use it yesterday, much quieter than my old craftsman and perfect size imo, my 16 Gal that shit the bed was just a little too big for my purposes.. this one also came with car detailing attachments.
  19. got to do some troubleshooting on the s70 this morning, then took it on a 4 hr trip... Had sputtered out on me yesterday, had pulled codes for random misfire and cam sensor. .. swapped the cam sensor and it started but was still misfiring, pulled a code for cylinder two, swapped the coil pack - no dice, checked compression and it was good, tossed a different plug in there, nope... pulled the injector rail out and injector #2 had fuel bubbling out of the nozzle ... tossed one of the original (300K) injectors back in and all was well .. the injectors in the car were from my 02 motor an
  20. glad you didnt have to re-do it, better safe than sorry ... perhaps they just don't put the felt on anymore, odd..
  21. was there a 'felt side' on that RMS you used? if so it is supposed to be on the outside
  22. /end neglect .. probably wont be officially back on the road anytime soon but it's a start...