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  1. On 3/21/2016 at 7:05 AM, apeacock said:

    Impressive to get it out by yourself. I did this job in my s70 and it was very much a two man operation. Maybe in a wagon you could lay down and hold it with your feet while removing the front bolts. 

    no, you just gotta use your head man ... literally :) 

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  2. That is a good vacuum. Be careful not to get the switch wet though, I have had mine shock me a few times when wet.

    maybe they updated it, there is a giant switch made of thick plastic now ...     anyways, 99 bucks for a 6hp 14gal was a good deal on this, got to use it yesterday, much quieter than my old craftsman and perfect size imo, my 16 Gal that shit the bed was just a little too big for my purposes.. this one also came with car detailing attachments.

  3. got to do some troubleshooting on the s70 this morning, then took it on a 4 hr trip...   Had sputtered out on me yesterday, had pulled codes for random misfire and cam sensor. ..   swapped the cam sensor and it started but was still misfiring, pulled a code for cylinder two, swapped the coil pack - no dice, checked compression and it was good, tossed a different plug in there, nope...   pulled the injector rail out and injector #2 had fuel bubbling out of the nozzle ...   tossed one of the original (300K) injectors back in and all was well ..   the injectors in the car were from my 02 motor and only had like 125k on them ... I had put in some STP injector cleaner earlier in the day with a fillup, seems a little too coincidental ....   anyways its fixed.