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  1. pulled pump and siphoned 4 gallons or so of ye olde gas from the 850...
  2. re-took an interest in the wagon this week .. tossed in the R panels and JL speakers I acquired over the winter, replaced neg. battery cable, drove it.... hauled a stove with it, drove it some more ...
  3. Changed the etm on my dads xc today... and drove it around bit..
  4. posting that you just paid for pussy on the internet ... priceless..
  5. loaded up for first river trip of the year ... good times...
  6. fuzzy pic ... just about finished migrating my parts cache to the shop ..... still needs to be organized S60T5 motor+turbo + 98 trans on board....
  7. another silver R ... was thinking of trying to save this one, but its pretty fargone .. smokes like a chimney ... prob a bit to much of a project for me right now, will likely be parting out .....
  8. did the wheels roll away with it ? shld be able to get 100-150$ all day for a set of use-able 15's on craigslist
  9. nabbed a second set of thors this morning ... ...
  10. Here are your March Customer Loyalty Rewards $5 off $149+ Use Code: md8rvfkt $10 off $199+ Use Code: 87gpcf8t $25 off $499+ Use Code: gmxtkby4 $50 off $999+ Use Code: r34xea52
  11. Little Caesars to Offer Pizza Wrapped in 3.5 Feet of Bacon
  12. sport edition F7 (tire rack)
  13. my wagon has been screwing with me for a week or so intermittently not starting so I ended up borrowing my dad's XC to finally trailer my snowblower over to the 'new' house and get it plowed out before another 8-10" of snow lands ... a few inches had already dropped by the time I got home, somehow managed to drift side to side back up my driveway trailer and all .... "fun"
  14. had to snap a pic of my new whale tail
  15. put the R to bed ..... for good oh well, one of my local-ish volvo peeps needed a motor
  16. looking for a 'black friday week' deal on a decent sized air compressor if anyone finds something .. best ive found for 150$; kind of want something a little more powerful .. if anyone sees anything pop up in the ~200$ range let me know .....