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  1. that and the AWD will come in handy during those tough florida winters..
  2. nabbed a complete set of thors this morning for 60 bucks! I love craigslist ..
  3. Been tearing deep into the 307K awd today.. taking a lil break .. just need to pull the driveshaft and the motor and trans will be ready to come out ... what a mess !! Story on this car: my dad drove it in a straight line back and forth to work for 200K+ of the miles. Aiming for a low budget swap with 169K drivetrain from an XC for a winter car with a stock/comfortable ride, I have trans input seal and RMS sitting here along with 3 99's worth of hoses, bolts, accessories, etc.. .. adding to the list: LOOM! almost all of it has disentegrated .. but it did its job, wiring all looks to be OK.. leaving compressor be, was already rebuilt when the evap was done on this car.. just needs a lil shim! trying to build a little excitement/momentum for this project, has been sitting in my yard too long!
  4. ! that explains it, I had just glanced but I was going to say the lines look/match up a bit better on the P2 ... that would be why ... .
  5. man, those subaru lips are like herpes around here ...
  6. did some pretty serious work today before: After: its like a whole new car now ..
  7. off to the scrapyard, I heard scrapping useless volvo parts is the cool thing to do this week.....
  8. closer we got, thinking wtf, maybe not a volvo
  9. HP refurb ... Needed something with a big ol high res screen and working battery to remote to my work machine from around the house/property... been using pieced together old work laptops for too long .. hopefully I dont toss this right out the window cuz of windows 8 ..
  10. washed the 850 .. had left it sitting under a tree for too long .. luckily all the nastiness came off...
  11. 'drifting's only fan' - tosh.0,d.cWc this had me in stiches ..
  12. a few more wagons not at carlisle .. beautiful day though, hope everyone is having fun ..
  13. put 450 lb's of scrap in mine and hauled it to the scrapyard...
  14. that is exactly what I do ... Ive found the $4-5 harbor freight gloves last longer than the $15-20 mechanix ones.
  15. platinum from RI @ Lowe's in CT today .. needed a lil spring wash and detail action, much like my ride ...
  16. dont all mechanix brand gloves wear kinda quick?
  17. wu-tang affiliated rapper rids himself of his ol' dirty noodle, jumps from 2nd story balcony, survives..
  18. or his latest mugshot ^the reason I had looked for one of his vid's .. that was the first(and only) one I clicked on .. and he came right out with the s80 on chromies .. too funny ..