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  1. repost?
  2. parts car making itself useful
  3. broke wheel off cheap harbor freight engine hoist while pulling engine+trans from my parts car ... Still managed to succeed without a helper No I didnt use the strap to pull it, just to tug it over onto the pallet .....
  4. website works perfect for those of us with no extra $ to spend there
  5. hauled all my tools over to my parents' garage as my driveway is a skating rink ... d/s wheel bearing/hub on my dad's XC yesterday. rear brakes on my V today ...
  6. sun was out and finally decent temps again, got to blast all my cars off with my new pressure washer today ...
  7. someone please fix that negative misclick ^
  8. the volvo 240 episode is pretty good too .. goddam hipsters..
  9. twas a beautiful spring day for tearing apart a parts car ...
  10. need to change your sig phil, no more sad face
  11. Just changed the radiator in my wagon outside in the snow today.. I had been losing a bit of coolant and noticed it seeping earlier this week .. Ended up finding a new one in the parts 98R I had picked up a few months back ! Car had a 'minor' front end hit, strangely enough someone who had stopped in for parts a few weeks back had randomly mentioned 'well looks like uve got a good radiator there' .. this was before I knew I needed one and I thought sure the car held coolant the whole way home when I had picked it up, but I have my doubts.. Well I decided to pull it out and see today, and the doubting continued as I started dismantling things .. I found the rad support and fan shroud had both been stitched back together with zipties !!!!! I pulled out the intercooler and found a gnarly bend in it !!! Then, low and behold out came the rad and it was brand spanking new.... all buttoned up now, took it for a ride to the beer store and finally back inside by the fire ..
  12. changed over to winter wheels/tires the other night ... only the freshest perfos will do
  13. I dont think Id worry about that one cracking seeing as he fabs up a new one every two or three days anyways...
  14. used, but found right here on vs .. picked up locally in Mass.. was probably 3 or 4 months ago now .. it does not have the resonator so I thought it might be a little overkill for my daily but I'm liking it ..