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  1. Mebbe, but the Democratic ticket will be: Gore / Obama. You heard it here first.
  2. If the cop told you that the radar had not been calibrated, take that to court. It should be good for a walk. To the best of your knowledge, you were not speeding. Your eyes were on the road and the traffic, not the speedo, so you can't be sure, exactly. Dress nice, say yes sir and no sir. This ought to get you if not a complete walk, at least a supervision or whatever they call it in your state.
  3. So far, the IPD links have held up for almost a year, far longer than I ever got from OEM.
  4. I think that the characterazation of Volvo owners was much more true 25 years ago when somebody thought it up than now. But.... you ever write magazine articles regularly? I have and Gawd do you get desparate sometimes for a 'hook' to hang the story on. This author probably wasn't too creative that day and just worked from the old stereotype. How would you like to be an editor for a Consumer Electronics magazine and realize that your free lance author wrote their article from manufacturer's spec sheets? That is, no hands on experience with the product at all, never even saw the product in the flesh. Welcome to the world of the freelance magazine article writer. Boxy, but good.
  5. Wanna bet he duzn't live 5 years? Execution makes him a martyr, which is what he wanted. Now he will die a slow agonizing death due to cancer. Wait and see, you heard it here first.
  6. Only if they wish to remain alive!
  7. Yup, a fine book. Remember, History is written by the winners!
  8. Oh really now, just how much history have you studied? Read 'The Rape of Nanking' and 'The Yamato Dynasty' and then lets talk. Believe me, all sorts of Japanese war crimes were ignored in the name of stopping communism. Besides, much of the population of the US cared a lot more about what happened in Europe cuz their ancestors came from there. It ain't bullsheet and I do know what I am talking about. Just what are your credentials as a historian?
  9. A. History is written by the winners. Any thought of a real Japanese Nuremburg type of war crime trials was ditched by the desire to keep post-war Japan from going communist. Only a few enemies of the surviving ruling faction were killed, mostly for political and personal gain. B. Germany embraced responsibility for their actions, Japan consistenly denies theirs. The former mayor of Nagasaki was killed by a member of a veterans group for apoligizing for the rape of Nanking (there's a book to read). Much of Japan denies to this day the atrocities, war crimes and aggression they commited. Are you aware that Japanese history books teach that the U.S. started the war in the Pacific with Japan? C. American history classes and texts have been rigged since day one to enhance the image of America. You will read almost nothing about our acts of genocide against native Americans or our own imperialism. Keep searching for knowledge, don't be a typical American!