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  1. Sweet. Looked too familiar. Worked at the Museum of Science for 7 years. Some new buildings around but that station still looks the same.
  2. Science Park Station? On the side going into Boston?
  3. Here's my pic of the Zakim bridge. Image is a bit grainy..taken with a Powershot S1 IS the day after I got it. On a boat Taken with my Nokia N-95 camera phone. View from the 30th floor of my office building.
  4. Anyone get their bar? How is it? I've been emailing/PMing Slater since the beginning of August on these and no response. I know to be patient with Slater on things but it's been almost a month and no response. Anyone know what's up with Slater?
  5. Here are my pics of T5mmmm driving down to Reins. Better late than never.
  6. I want to send payment too Slater. Sent you an email on Sunday.
  7. Early September would be best for me. I'm busy the rest of the month. Agawam Deli would be fine with me. It's about the same amount of time for me to get to both.
  8. Actually, Peter already has a wing. I'm happy that the wing is there now. It makes the wagon look so much better.
  9. Ohhh, another QBM product I must buy. That and the lower torque mount bushing (I finally see it's out for the R's).