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  1. So nice to get the RS look off my car and back to something less played. By draining your individuality, the RS look also sucks away your will to live. Long live the Porsche Twists!
  2. Rake is good, car is good. It'll even out with kids in the back seat.
  3. Great project. Didn't take long once you found your car
  4. I kind of want to try these on the Jag - if you ever sell.
  5. Cool. I find the BMW crowd is full of egomaniacal tools compared to us grounded Volvo folk. It is a really high bar to be able to spend $5k on an E36 plus $2k in mods though, so I see the rationale and exclusivity of it.
  6. Ooh. Did you buy this for your next project? After you fix it, all you need on this one is some coilovers and a used set of 17" 3-piece wheels and then you can serve among the gods at StanceWorks.
  7. The camera in your phone sucks.
  8. Looks cool with the "Colonial Place" sign above it. Matt, do you happen to have these smaller and in silver?
  9. Yes, it looks fast standing still. Great pic.
  10. Only Greg knows the answer to that question.