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  1. Looking fantastic. Love the stance.
  2. Finding those fuel hoses for the AWDs is definitely becoming challenging to put it mildly!
  3. Haha fair enough. The Volvo stuff does work amazingly well I agree. When Ben and I were doing my engine rebuild we initially tried to use the Victor Reinz equivalent just to install the brass vent on the angle gear (same mod that you and did to the rear diff) and it did absolutely nothing...I might as well have just put a dab of water on it. Then we used the Volvo stuff and case closed. Oh and for the rear swaybar endlinks, I believe that Moog also makes them and sometimes Rockauto has those so that's a quality option.
  4. I'm so impressed by the care you're taking to prep and then protect all the parts. Well done! Maybe someone else can chime in but I thought you can use a more standard sealant on the rear diff just like on the gearbox and angle gear rather than the Volvo anaerobic stuff? I can't think of the stuff I have but I'm pretty sure it's gray.
  5. You mind posting up or PMing me a part number for that fuel line. $993 is absolutely insane. I imagine the 99 has some different lines than the 98 as the fuel line setup is different but still curious to see what's available here in Germany and at what prices. Thanks in advance!
  6. Well-documented. It sucks that a lot of the fuel parts are NLA now but your solution looks pretty robust.
  7. Thank you. I don't mind some stains and don't expect them to be literally mint - I can always clean them. :)
  8. If you do end up parting this nice sedan I would be interested in original floor mats and the "info" switch.
  9. Best of luck! Where have you located the jacks out of curiosity?
  10. Nick I haven't been on here in ages. Great find!
  11. You've done an awesome job with the project. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing it.
  12. Beautiful work there Nick. While I was in Arizona I had the chance to have the bushings pressed into my spare subframe and the LCAs as I mentioned to you and also drilled the vent hole on the rear diff cover and installed the vent just like on my angle gear. I used the Volvo anaerobic sealant in both cases to seal the brass vent which seems to work like a charm. Question - noticed you don't have the backing plates installed at the rear spindles. Are you just installing those once you've gotten the whole lump bolted up?
  13. H - just saw the news. Very sorry to hear you're parting it out. It's an amazing car and I think I speak for everyone to say thanks for spending so much time documenting and researching which has benefited so many of us. Look forward to seeing your next project!
  14. Yea that should be what's referred to sometimes as the crush collar. The same type of thing exists in the rear diff if you need to change that big seal facing forward.