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  1. im mesed up again, feels great, girls drive me crazy due to the fact that they are crazy. that is it , goodnight all
  2. its 5 after 8 I'm in this math class and it sucks, that is all :blink:
  3. so wat does the list look like at this point
  4. world dominations gonna be sick!...first thing we do.......phuck wit the ricerssssss
  5. hey Rod not thread stealin or anything because im lookin foward to this meet, but i have another opportunity for a meet type thing since yours looks like its gonna be a hit.
  6. were at the halfway point till the meet!
  7. sorry you cant make it dude, but they'll def be other ones.
  8. yea I dont want this to turn out into a day I lose my car to some embankment on the side of the road.
  9. well i took off for saturday AND all ready to go for this one. edit. and yea the more the merrier
  10. ill polish her up real nice for the meet....poosibly have some other things done by the time the meet rolls around.
  11. I so cant wait for this meet...finally be able to get to my first ever volvo meet!
  12. im down for it, that is if everyone else is.....or do you think we should wait till the meet and see what happens?
  13. is there a possibility that we can get a drive in?
  14. thats what i like to hear. uh did anyone post this on swedespeed for those guys......?
  15. ok so oct 28th rite..this is the set in stone date? so i can take off work?