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  1. Well, my maybe has turned into a definite no as I now have a business conference to attend. It sounds like you all are going to have a blast so I'm bummed to be missing the fun. Hopefully next time!

    sorry you cant make it dude, but they'll def be other ones.

  2. ahh..sorry, it was a bit early for me this morning.

    I am not too familiar with the backroads on that part of the Island, but I am familiar with the backroads in the Stony Brook, Steauket, Harbor hills, Head of the Harbor area. Lots of nice Euronpan style back roads with twisties and dips and such, but its a 45 min drive east from where we are if you're all interested. Maybe we can do a scenic drive to Asharoken, but the roads are pretty normal...


    im down for it, that is if everyone else is.....or do you think we should wait till the meet and see what happens?