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  1. The heavily modified C30 is Skissinger from C30world. Love the Forgestar F14s. My C30 currently via crappy cell phone pic. It still needs lowered... :(
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  3. You make it sound like the ideals are false. Christians are people too and make mistakes like anyone else, if not more. A person who is a chrsitian isn't mysteriously perfected into a person who is infallible or can never do wrong or make mistakes, bad decisions. You can't blame Christian ideals/Christianity for the selfish deeds of people, if they're contradictory then somebody is a hypocrite/selfish in their ways and has perverted the truth, twisted it to fulfill their desire(s). I don't recall reading about any of Christ's followers killing/murdering astrologers or any of the like (somewhat similiar, dealing with the supernatural or extraterrestrial, witches). I do recall the Apostle Paul though showing an astrologer the Way and the man changed and adopted Paul's way of thinking, basically becoming a Christian. Christians are striving for perfection yet are still in the world and are still tempted by the old way they used to be when they should be something different. Being a Christian is a very hard thing to do, talking like a Christian not very hard...
  4. F... that, Arnold for President! (whenever he runs for it) Sorry to say it but those people who are fighting over there are the ones who signed the dotted line. I did too, but I'm relatively luckily as I'm on a ship, but it's still an easy target and a potential target. I don't understand your thinking 855T, everyone knew what they were getting themselves into when they signed the contract. I'm sure those who are in Iraq want to come home but the vast majority know they have a duty to fulfill whether they like it or not, they are bound by the promise they made. I hate it when people complain about enlisting because it's not what they thought due to the fact that they figured they'd get a free ride and college money not have to fight or do something that their country would ask of them. Is freedom for a friend not worth dying for?