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  1. Ah, ok. I've been spoiled because Chrome has a plugin that allows you to see all of the expired links, I guess I forgot about that issue!
  2. Hello Thomas, Are you unable to see the picture? It's showing up on my screen? The part number is 1275380. Here is the link to the FCP page.
  3. I'll check for you this weekend Alain, I know I've got a couple spare green fenders in storage but I think they may be driver's side. I'll let you know.
  4. This thread is what you're looking for.
  5. Regretfully, it has come time to sell this awesome 2006 S40 T5M AWD. I've enjoyed driving it but it's time to make room for the next project. This was a Florida car until March of this year, so no rust to speak of. Clean and clear Michigan title in hand with no liens. Finished in Passion Red (612) with a tasteful contrasting black roof (the only modification from stock), the paint really pops. Current mileage is about 131,XXX but may go up a little bit. Over the past few months, this car has been gone over from top to bottom. This is a fully optioned car (see picture of window sticker), equipped with the Climate Package (heated seats/rain sensing wipers/headlight washers), Premium Package (full leather interior/moonroof/power seats and memory driver's seat), and Convenience Package (homelink/auto dimming rearview mirror with compass). It also has OEM rubber all-weather mats. Everything works as it should, including hot heat and cold A/C. Cabin filter was replaced this month. There are no Check Engine or other warning lights. The car has been thoroughly maintained, freshly serviced, and runs like a top. There are no grinding or crunching noises from the M66 transmission, gear shifts are a breeze, and the clutch feels great. The car builds boost properly and pulls hard. Brakes and suspension are in good shape, and newer BFGoodrich tires with lots of tread provide for a great ride. Just had the car aligned and it tracks straight and true. Free bonus: Matching 1/43 Minichamps Volvo S40 diecast (1 of 1008 produced worldwide) to match the car! I would not hesitate to drive this car anywhere. Fly in and drive it home or I can help with shipping. The car is currently located in Kalamazoo, Michigan but is also available for showing in the Detroit area (just need a couple days advance warning to go get it). Asking price is $5,999 or best reasonable offer. Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr S40 pictures by dwbf1, on Flickr S40 pictures by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr Untitled by dwbf1, on Flickr
  6. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    I had the same issue with mine. I think their work quality must be slipping because the ones I bought before never had these issues. To their credit, I was also outside of warranty but they did end up replacing it for me. That was after when it failed the first time, they sent a grease pack to re-build it, and then 4 months post-rebuild (and not more than 1500 easy road miles) it started making noise again. Found driveshaft goop all over the bottom of the car so the exhaust must have melted it or something.
  7. Aux input for P80 stereo

    Thanks for the reminder Gary. I'll grab some pics tonight and send them your way.
  8. New from FCP is $60 plus shipping. This is brand new, never used, no box. Dust from storage only. $40 shipped CONUS.
  9. Aux input for P80 stereo

    Sure, will do. I'm out of town for the next 10 days but if you're still looking when I get back I can get it out.
  10. Aux input for P80 stereo

    I've got a Blitzsafe that's new in the bag Gary. I believe set up for previous generation style ipod/iphone but I honestly don't remember if it has a normal headphone plug or the multi-pin.
  11. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Off topic, but that Volvo looks like it's going to be discovered just like that 50 years from now when the post-apocalyptic raiders are combing the ruins of industrial areas looking for supplies.
  12. Secret Santa 2015

    Mailed this morning, also sorry to my person, I've been a bit under water myself.