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  1. I had some Alpine Type S's in my old S70 (fronts only) and they were a decent upgrade. But I've had a set of Rockford Fosgates sitting here waiting for my V70R for 3 or 4 years and I just can't bring myself to start messing with them. That and the Dynaudio setup in my XC90 are two of my favorite factory systems. The upgraded Harman/Kardon system in our new XC60 doesn't even sound as good to me as the older units, though I will say the B&O option in the new cars is fantastic but costs silly money. And, keeping us on topic...the yellow is about to get a full mechanical makeover. FCP paid a good chunk of their rent off of me this week 🤣
  2. I maintain that the stock 901 system with paper speakers and all rivals most setups on these cars. It truly is a fantastic sounding system.
  3. I am sure I just jinxed myself by posting that! But with 60K miles I would hope it isn't leaking yet.
  4. Nice. I just picked up an 08 V8 at the beginning of coronapocalypse to cover the daily driver duties myself.
  5. I'm not normally a yellow car guy, but it's kind of cool owning a unicorn.
  6. Nope, found an old turbobricks thread where the original owner discussed replacing the 99 motor with a 2000.
  7. No idea - it was sitting at a shop in Harrisburg with a blown motor. The shop was acting as the intermediary for the sale, it wasn't until he brought out the title for signing that I learned of who owned it.
  8. We did a single day turn-and-burn from Detroit to Harrisburg, PA to get this over the weekend. It's Doug Strickler's old car for the OG's still around here. 1 of 50 99 LB's with a 2000R motor (that's currently blown). Currently awaiting an RN swap and M66. Can't wait to build it!
  9. I had the same issue with mine. I think their work quality must be slipping because the ones I bought before never had these issues. To their credit, I was also outside of warranty but they did end up replacing it for me. That was after when it failed the first time, they sent a grease pack to re-build it, and then 4 months post-rebuild (and not more than 1500 easy road miles) it started making noise again. Found driveshaft goop all over the bottom of the car so the exhaust must have melted it or something.
  10. Off topic, but that Volvo looks like it's going to be discovered just like that 50 years from now when the post-apocalyptic raiders are combing the ruins of industrial areas looking for supplies.
  11. Mailed this morning, also sorry to my person, I've been a bit under water myself.
  12. There are much easier ways to get a FWD 6 speed gearbox than shipping one from Yoorup. Hit up Car-part or similar sites. Very curious to see how you get to 40 MPG on an almost 20 year old turbo motor!