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  1. Step 2: put your junk in the box! Merry christmas guys.
  2. Wow kind of surprised this post has gone for 10 pages, but I guess it is one of the more touchy sujects. My opinion on this is like others. If you like someone of the same sex then thats your choice. Not mine and not ANYONE elses. I am christan but I dont go to church every sunday, I only go on family events, such as christmas, or when my little sister was baptised. Now I have said that I don't mind people of the same sex liking each other but that doesn't mean I am a liberal so don't call me one. If you do then you are assuming and thats not cool.
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    Volvo 850

    Volvo 850
  4. I'm probally going to get eaten for this but ...I need to run 87 in my turbo, I just dont see myself paying over $3 for 93 when my can runs fine on 87. I have a 20 mile commute to school and 20 miles back EVERY WEEKDAY! not to mention any other driving I do during the week