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  1. As he said he gets alot of the stuff cheap or free, that helps. Plus he does most if not all the work himself, which also helps. These cars are not the pricey anymore so you don't need much more then a job to afford it. What you really need more of is time and skill. Good work Johann. Love your shop. I have been looking for a place like them of my own but have not found a good deal yet.
  2. I dont know if you will like it as a daily driver. I would never have been able to use my M as a daily driver. Too small even when all you need to fit is you. S ? if not it is a bit of a wimpy car but does handle well.
  3. Oh the things that can be done with some time, skill, and a welder. I need a welder. Great work!
  4. looks good, but on car will be the real determination. Alot of your pictures it looked like you made them a mirror finish. The no flash pictures look much more accurate the what I am sure they look like.
  5. I would say, the grille itself does not matter, stock or mesh, but it needs to be black, and it NEEDS a slash. Also the black headlights are a must. Bumper looks good though.
  6. poking have people over to my place for ater ny's get to gether, just a small thing w/ close people and they still monkey shitt up. I mena, I am poking nice enough to hve them ov3er, teh dont have to spill all over my stuff and poking loff around when I am ready to go to bed. I mean I am poking trashed but I am not poking my own stuff, up, and I am not at there place monkeyig theer stuff up. So why do I get not respect. well ahpay new year to you all. Love ya. Todd {.S. it feels good to vent. thanks.