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  1. Time to go to camber plates. I don't run wacky camber on mine, but IMO they will last longer than OEM parts, so it's worth it. Plus IIRC it lets me get a tiny bit lower without turning down my collars. :rolleyes:
  2. Member Feedback Forum

    Sweet. I made one for the money you owe me.
  3. I was thinking GPZ750 turbo. It's one of the few Jap bikes I've always secretly lusted over.
  4. Did you buy what I think you bought? No offense, since I have always had a soft spot for those bikes (almost bought one a number of times) but I never would have guessed you would be riding one of those.
  5. Just a room, obviously. Went up to KEH-bec for a quicky vacation. Stupid America Jr was only giving me ~.90 cents for every America Sr. dollar. And since the hotel was under renovation/repair, the rooms were insanely over-priced since there were less available. :tdown: Smelly fake French jerks!
  6. I laughed so hard, I peed a little.
  7. Big mags always = big fun, but with 22 it just gets the gun gummed up that much quicker. After about 4-5 mags my wife's little 22 pistol gets so dirty that you're safer in front of the target than anywhere else. I have a pretty sweet little mag loader for my 10/22. You just dump a handful of rounds in, shake it a bit, then turn a crank and it loads up almost any 10/22 mags very easily. No more sore thumbs when you just want to plink. Anniversary is coming quick.
  8. NYC is intense but I actually like it a lot more than Boston. The only negative thing about NYC (aside from the time delays) is the loads and loads of wannabe law enforcement out there. Boston was not well designed like NYC, so you have all these messed up roadways and traffic flow patterns that are just stupid. Actually, I did some work in Times Square last year. The traffic at rush hour was so bad that while trying to circle around the block (just one block) took about 45 minutes. But in FL, the traffic isn't as bad and there's plenty of room. Less sudden flow changes ETC. The problem, though, is you can't trust the lights. More than once I've almost been ended by someone too old to be driving flying through a red light that's been red for 20-30 seconds. And the worst part is even though I stop short and wait for them to pass and they fly by inches away from me in the middle of the intersection, they don't even look like they noticed. No brake lights, no swerve, no reaction whatsoever. They are like elderly cruise missiles.
  9. God's waiting room definitely has the worst drivers I have ever seen. I have driven in many major cities that most people think are 'bad' or 'scary.' Nothing compares to the fear that comes from 4 lane roadways with loads of intersections and traffic lights that are meaningless.
  10. When I first saw the snapshot commercials I wondered if they were really going to go that far. Looks like they did. It would probably be pretty easy to fill it with fake data.
  11. Can You Protect Yourself?

    Dude, just move already. You should probably just vacate America Jr. and move up to the big leagues.
  12. Nice, I have two waves. One beat up one that I use and one really nice one with my name laser engraved that I try not to use too much. I'm also a big fan of the juice S2. Pretty useful for only 4 ounces.
  13. I have access to these directly from Bud if you want more. I only get a small discount but IIRC the selection is pretty good.
  14. Jackhammered the roof spoiler off of it. No small animals got hurt, but one of my slaves lost a limb. It's been a while since I've seen my car without the wing. I have to say I really hate not having it on there. :(