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  1. I agree, garage link IS better than a spam sig, but the info still changes too much for lurker posterity. Plus, no one looks at the garage pages, it seems. People have showed me a picture of my car before to ask who's it was.
  2. Sweet. That'll only be $5,000-$6,000. The best part is you will have simultaneous bills for everyone who talked to you. As far as medical debt, as long as you're paying something every 30 days you will be OK. Even if they refuse to setup a payment plan.
  3. Just her POS Corolla. Apparently, this happens often to Lexus cars and the dealers are raping people for $600-$800 to fix. :rolleyes:
  4. Front side window glass on my wife's car popped out of the frame this morning. WTF? It came off the track but didn't crack. I haven't pulled the door apart but hopefully it's not too hard to get it back in the track. Anyone ever deal with this before? I did a quick google but didn't come up with anything quality.
  5. Time to go to camber plates. I don't run wacky camber on mine, but IMO they will last longer than OEM parts, so it's worth it. Plus IIRC it lets me get a tiny bit lower without turning down my collars. :rolleyes:
  6. Clearly, whoever gave those to you thinks you like men. Hopefully, it was not a girl. :lol:
  7. Having used an 1.5x18 a number of times, I'll go ahead and agree with this. 29 gauge you're still in insulin needle territory. 18 looks like an f-ing lance or something. Paired up with a 20cc syringe is enough to make me want to pass out.
  8. Sweet. I made one for the money you owe me.
  9. I was thinking GPZ750 turbo. It's one of the few Jap bikes I've always secretly lusted over.
  10. Did you buy what I think you bought? No offense, since I have always had a soft spot for those bikes (almost bought one a number of times) but I never would have guessed you would be riding one of those.
  11. Just a room, obviously. Went up to KEH-bec for a quicky vacation. Stupid America Jr was only giving me ~.90 cents for every America Sr. dollar. And since the hotel was under renovation/repair, the rooms were insanely over-priced since there were less available. :tdown: Smelly fake French jerks!
  12. He was giving you a hard time because you look like a punk. Sounds like a pretty much BS stop to me. Probably was bored and just picked on you for driving a modified car. You have to understand that most people don't understand what most of us do about cars and the groups of people who mod them. Things are more stereotypical when you are under-educated about certain topics.
  13. Mine's 40 inches of LED brightness. :)
  14. I'd can her immediately. Her retardation endangered other employees. Best of luck, bye!!
  15. And he's about to bring you to the lollipop room.
  16. Don't try to suck up to him, he will still hate you forever.
  17. You're probably not up to it but I figured I'd mention it.. I'd be willing to part with my setup. Either the whole thing or just take parts like the glass and use your own gear. Stuff available would include the kicks w/ comps and the 5.1 system, but not the 7" subs or the flipout, though I don't want any of the other processors/brains.
  18. and yet people act like I'm crazy for carrying everywhere.
  19. If you're actually looking to get an impressive system let me know. I have something you may like.
  20. Big mags always = big fun, but with 22 it just gets the gun gummed up that much quicker. After about 4-5 mags my wife's little 22 pistol gets so dirty that you're safer in front of the target than anywhere else. I have a pretty sweet little mag loader for my 10/22. You just dump a handful of rounds in, shake it a bit, then turn a crank and it loads up almost any 10/22 mags very easily. No more sore thumbs when you just want to plink. Anniversary is coming quick.