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  1. ^^^LOL@3hrs later! I just show them the wood floors, and say, Awwwww, sorry. And close the door.
  2. The Vicodin never works for my headaches. It just makes my cheeks tingle.
  3. So last week I had a root canal cause I cracked my first molar on peanut M&M's. Today I went to get the crown put on. Well the doc said no go. Since my wisdom teeth pushed my bite out of alignment, if I put a crown on my molar stump, I'd crack the lower mating molar. And I have 4 small stress cracks. So I need to get a temporary crown, fix the cracks, and get braces top and bottom again. Since I'm an adult, I'll have to wear them for 2 years. I only had to wear my braces when I was 13 for a year. All to the tune of $3K with insurance.
  4. Pluto hasn't been a "planet" for years now. Where've you been?!
  5. Dave. Give me your Nano. It's still my birthday. :D
  6. ^^^ LOL! That's what I meant. :lol: :lol:
  7. The scene I posted is my fav. scene in the movie. I laughed so hard in the theatre at the "Oh, nice marmot" bit and "we're going to cut off you're johnson, and Sqvoosh it!" part I thought were hysterical. But that entire movie is super funny.
  8. Justin, your Big Lebowski Avatar made me think of this scene. :lol: :lol:
  9. I think I took one too many Tylenol 3's (3) for a headache I had after studying. I think I shouldn't have. Even tho I did wait 4 hours between pills. On a full stomach. With lots of water. I feel kinda weird. I think my apple snail in my aquarium is dying. I think I unintentionally OD'd on the acetaminophen tonight. My poor liver and kidney's. It's a good thing I don't drink alcohol or sodas! But I still have a headache. Damn it! What a world. What a world. ::melts::
  10. I do! I know it's more trouble to someone who doesn't normally wear 501's, but I really hate zippers now. Once your break the jeans in, it's easy to unbutton, you just pull, and they all pop open, then you just pop them all closed quick. I really hate anything with snagging, scratching possibilities getting near me now.
  11. Okay, this onesie is REALLY hot. 100% Polyester FTL but I guess that means it wont shrink right?
  12. Maybe. But I wear boots often, and I prefer Levi's to anything else I've tried. I also like button fly SO much more than zippers. And they didn't have ANYTHING that fit me. Levi's 501's 29x32. You don't have cluster headaches it you get sick and are able to sleep. Those are strong Migraine characteristics. OH! I found a giant sized onesie (one piece pajamas with feet) at Target! I got it! I love it! :lol:
  13. OH WOW! Mervyn's is going out of business! Hello shopping spree for new Levi's!
  14. Eh. No. It's not migraines, I have a "brain disease". I have Cluster Headaches. They're often misdiagnosed as migraines, but I was lacking multiple classic migraine signs. I don't get sick, I don't have any pre headache "aura" etc, etc. Mine are supposed to be more severe in pain than migraines, but I wouldn't know the difference. Mine is caused from an abnormal hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a part of the brains "clock" among several other things. That's how they were able to really diagnose my headaches. They occur at roughly the same time everyday, and last the same amount of time. It was really cool seeing the "pain" I was feeling on a screen as it was happening. My headaches are really undisturbed by any medication too. And I've tried all sorts of other types of medication. Massage, acupuncture, herbal remedies, you name it. Today my doctor just took some blood samples to check some hormones and some other junk. And he tried to crack my neck and spine, cause it relieves the tension and makes me feel less pain somehow. Saving money is a HUGE issue for me. I've always been a great money saver and very careful with what I spend money on. When I was 17 I was in the backseat of my friend's 80's Honda Civic hatchback. We were still in high school, and out for lunch. We were pulling out into an big intersection, the green light had just turned green, and a drunk driver hit the Civic on the passenger side going about 50mph. I broke my right femur, 2 ribs on my right side, and dislocated my right shoulder. I now have a titanium rod in my leg, and healed bones of course. BUT. My parents sued his insurance company because they didn't want to pay the entire medical bill. Well they paid it, and I got a huge amount for myself. I still have more than half of that money, and I've used a lot of that money as a down payment on my place. I think saving money is extremely important to start doing as soon as you get your first job. Having money in the bank opens doors of opportunities for you later, and when you need it most.