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  1. What? WHAT?! Wow! So how the heck do you afford to mod your car?! I must be a really tight miser. Good luck to you.
  2. I have a doctors appointment in a few. Have to get my brain examined again. My headaches have been constant and severe lately. Maybe my hypothalamus has exploded. But how common is that to an unmodded i5?
  3. Just make sure you don't disturb the clot forming inside the holes. That's the most important thing. You don't want a dry socket. ....Try to get some sleep.
  4. Are you serious?! I had all 4 removed, the top had to be cracked into pieces to be removed, and my lower gums had to be sliced open for removal and I didn't feel anything! I didn't need the Vicodin till the next day, and only used a few. Did they IV sedate you or general???
  5. You should have seen it. He had this huge DODGE windshield banner. The horrible blue "super white" bulbs in every socket on his car. some stickers. and spray painted black hubcabs or rims, who knows. It reminded me a lot of Mike's Saf Volvo wagon.
  6. No no, there's arrows painted on the ground everywhere at this gas station showing which way to go. There's signs posted THIS DIRECTION ONLY at every pump. It's an 8 pump station, but for some reason it was PACKED today and every pump was occupied, and there were a few cars waiting at each pump. There was a guy pointed the wrong way at a pump, apparently the pump became free, and he backed up into it from the the pump he was at. So I pull in front of him, since it's just him, and every other pump has at least two cars waiting. Im thinking, ok, when he's done, he can easily back out and take off. He can be bothered with the extra effort, since he is pointing the wrong way, and I can pull in! So seconds after I pull up, he finishes pumping his $7 worth, the says to me, DUDE, Get the F out of my way so I can get out! And being short fused, I say WHAT?! YOU back the F out! You're pointing the wrong way! Then the guys at neighboring pumps to him start yelling at him. He gets in his POS ghetto'd out newish Dodge Stratus and starts reving it to the rev limiter. At this point I'm So someone starts yelling at him through his closed windows. He gets out and says my reverse doesnt work! He [me] needs to move! Someone else calls I'm dumb and says I saw you back into that space! So back the F out! He eventually gets in his car, revs it up like a maniac, slams it into reverse, peels out, revs it up slams it into drive, peels out of the pump space and T bones a car who had the right of way. The police get called. He gets rowdy. All 5 of us guys talk to the police. After all that I go warshy my pretty Volvo. And that's my episode at the gas station today.
  7. I filled up my car today and got my free 10 minutes at the excellent do it yourself pressure wash car wash next door. I almost had to put my boxing gloves on at that gas station today too. I got 4 other guys all riled up over some asshole I refused to move for.
  8. I don't know where Kitty is currently. He's probably licking his paws and sliding down my CLEAN windshield.
  9. Im so glad Im socially inept and am happy at home alone, with kitty and my bag of dehydrated apricots and natural sunflower seeds.
  10. My parents were hippies. But not the drugged up variety. The political activist college attending rock listening Volvo driving type. I guess not much has changed. Except they call it classic rock now.
  11. You needed to quote me to say that? <_<
  12. I'm just SO happy that Hillary didn't win. There's something about the Clintons I really don't like. I really couldn't stand listening to Hillary speak anymore.
  13. It has to be better. That piece of Republican crap isn't out of office yet.
  14. Wow @ that Camry. What's with Camry drivers lately?! I thought they were supposed to be sedated by all that dull cushion Toyotaness. There's SO many SUPER aggressive Camry drivers here. And one in my neighborhood with Disabled Vet plates. He seriously peels out from every stop sign and red light. He has 3 missing hub caps. SUCH a menace to other drivers. When I see him in my rearview I just let off the gas so he can go around me and get as FAR from me as possible. <_<
  15. I have a feeling Kellen's going to melt his whole front end off.
  16. Ha ha! Dave's gonna be jealous. :P :P
  17. I LOVE their Nachos! Jalapenos FTW! I put EVERYTHING on them. Onions, beans, Cilantro, Jalapenos, avocado sour cream all on these great white corn chips. Mmm!
  18. Ha, I noticed the big Corn Ethanol label on the pump when I was filling up. Mostly because the pump was running OMG SO SLOW which is probably because the tanks were almost empty. This was at a Chevron station. My parents are Chevron only and have had the same credit card accounts since the 70's living in California. I have an ExxonMobil credit card, mostly cause their gas is usually a penny cheaper than Chevron, they have a mini Nathan's hotdog area, a huge Slurpee machine, an awesome Nacho factory thing, they have cold Clearly Canadian and Tab, and I like the coin-op car wash that's next to it. If you fill up with premium you get 10 min free at the carwash. :D
  19. OMG WHY NOT??!! I filled up my dad's V70R Friday because I used it, and the tanker truck was filling up the tanks before and durring my fill up! :o :o
  20. I just found an interesting chart of the "Supermajor" oil companies. Exxon Mobil is #1. Guess I'll be going there from now on. Plus they sell 5qt Mobil 1 for $19, which is where I get my oil.