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  1. I didn't ask what you use, I asked which of those two do you think is better. Dork. :P
  2. So I've been wondering for a few minutes.... Which do you think is a better gasoline?? I normally use Chevron. But there's a Mobil station I like a lot too cause it's got 12 pumps and they're super fast pumps. So which is a better gasoline do you think? :huh:
  4. I quote Sixteen Candles: WHAT?! ...I'm sorry, I don't do that! ...Yes you do! ...I know! :P
  5. It was Alvin and Charles! THANKS GUYS!! ...And I did the write ups for fun and with the intention of helping others. I wonder what I have to do to become OT MOD. :D
  6. Hmm. I just got an email that I have a renewed Paid Supporting Membership statuts. So I logged in, and I have a paid subscription again. HOW?? WHO?? WHAT?? THANK YOU :o :o
  7. I HATE how Aaron's HUGE signature is a click zone to his Garage. ....Dont you?! <_<
  8. My mom's very into Irish history. I've know Kellen was an Irish name since I was a kid.
  9. How about kitties??! Or how far Halloween goes back to, and how the Irish Celts called it All Hallows Eve. That would be a good one! You're name is also Celtic or Irish I think. Kellen.
  10. I made a new DIY thread. Clickity my profile to look at my threads.
  11. ^^^ There's an extra long "remix" of that. Super annoying.
  12. Michael. Tell your dad I've made two new how to's, and they're waiting for his PINNED approval. :D
  13. Mmm, Bret Easton Ellis. Gotta love him.
  14. LMAO!!! :lol: Adamy ate himself into a stupor. :lol: I Kellen. He's funneh.
  15. I know. But no edit cause Chucks a scrooge. And I have no need for a membership cause I don't go into the R forum, and I dont have anything to sell. So screw it. It'll be gone in a few of Kellen's posts.