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  1. You mean the OMG beautiful pristine Olive wagon, right??
  2. I think your 850 is a million times better than any silver wagon. ...I hate silver.
  3. My car came with an SC-901 installed, and the original SC-815 too, I used the SC-901 for a few years, but really hated how it wouldn't play CD-R's. So I sold it to Chambs T5. I liked the variable EQ, but I could never be satisfied with a setting. I like the SC-815. Oh, but what I hated most was the grey face contrasting against everything. You can tell an AWFUL lot about a cars overall quality with the parts that make up the car. ALL of the Honda/Acura parts seem so cheap and thin and toy like.
  4. Those are speakers for the new accord. They've upgraded them to plastic. Woot. But those same speakers will fit into almost all Hondas and Acuras. LOOK at that MAGNET! That's what's in the top of the line EX's! ...OH! And the best part, you can't just pop in some 6.5" replacements. The opening is very oddly shaped and has a contour, it's not flat mating surface.
  5. Have you ever seen the OMG PATHETIC speakers Honda and Acura use in their cars?! Their magnets are the size of half dollars. They're made out of THIN paper, and they warp from rain. The BOSE system speakers are awfully weak too. I love looking at cars at the JY when I go. I spend hours just wandering around looking at build and content quality.
  6. Hey Khax, I just realized your T5 has SAS. When was your car manufactured?? Says on the white sticker on the drivers door. Can you go peek for me PLEASE?! You car and my car could be near twins! Oh, and how many miles do you have??
  7. I slept till 11:30 today, Saturday and Sundays are MY days.
  8. I don't know how it works in OR. But in TX, if you're in the same car together, and one person has something, you both are charged.
  9. Can you imagine if you'd been together?? <_<
  10. I know you wont take this the right way, just don't take it the wrong way, cause I mean well. Sometimes friends bring you down. You've got to be careful with your future and make smart choices. One little unfortunate incident can cost you SO much and close SO many doors for you.
  11. He meant an OLIVE wagon. Not that silver bullet beast. :P
  12. You are my hero sir.

  13. But Officer! I'm a Volvo driver!! Move it along son. Move it along. :lol:
  14. OOOOOOH! The F430! Yeah, we don't have those here.