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  1. REALLY?! Move to TEXAS. That's ALL there is here. HUGE Ford trucks. They're really nice too.
  2. OOOOH THAT'S RIGHT! Asians and Native Americans both lack that, and are often prone to alcoholic diseases and more likely to die from alcohol poisoning.
  3. The khax has discovered sex. This may be the last we ever see of him.
  4. My eyes get really really blood shot when I drink, even 1 drink. I hate it. But then I'm really pink and flushed toned to begin with.
  5. I just remembered why I hate having gays as friends.
  6. Is the KHAX getting laid or is he lurking?
  7. You're so lame. And since you asked. I have none, and like it that way. Thanks.
  8. Why is you have no frog eyes no mores?
  9. PayDay here too! I'm having a Slurpee after work! Yay! :lol:
  10. Good point, there's a difference between older then newer +94 models. Just like the tail light and emblem arrangement on the 850 sedans how they changed after 94.
  11. That white 850 is DULL as hell. Mine is very reflective. Granted, not as much as a black 850, but the pains of owning a black car are so not worth it.
  12. Crawl under that wagon and check for wrinkled metal, a bent frame, any overspray.
  13. I spent much more on my suspension reconditioning. And I didn't buy anything special.
  14. Yay for network outage at work. I can F off even more now.
  15. YEP! Your heater core is LEAKING. And it's not something you can choose to not replace. It must be replaced.
  16. Your heater core may be on the way out HELLEN. Save your money for that cause it's gonna be $$$$$$ W T F?! You're selling your car?!
  17. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Suspension is always easy to replace. PCV is easy too.
  18. Never. I had a black Passat, it was SO annoying. I'd get it super shiny, then it'd get dusty, or the cat would walk on it. White is so clean and fresh and I love the way it looks agasint the black and grey accents.
  19. I would, but I have NO water hose connection at my place. I need to go to Lowe's and buy a T connector, hook it up to my washing machine's cold water supply, so I can have a hose in my garage. And I haven't been by to visit my parents in a while, I've been too busy. I usually do all the car detailing at their house, since all my car stuff is there. And since they both can't be bothered to wash their cars, that's what I'm for! AND I can't wash it for another 24 hours cause the epoxy on my windshield is still curing. :( :(
  20. Mine's SO unbelievably FILTHY My rims are BLACK.
  21. So, we learned the 96 engine is the same as a 98. The 98 having a different ECU, boost pressure and apparently the turbocharger. I think the 94-98 turbo longblocks are identical. Then 99.5 they got E-Throttle, coilpacks and Variable valve-age.