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  1. Um... WTF. Commercial Porn. It's over when he says in the gayest sistagurl voice HAI KAREN!
  2. Is your fan running a lot?? My iBook G4's fan runs a lot with the original Panther, but hardly runs or gets warm with Tiger or Leopard.
  3. Hellur, how you durrin?

  4. Just how you came about that one, we'll never really know. :lol:
  5. Hey Dave. Well, busy working, moving again, playing with my new to me Saab, dog training, and getting ready for yet another semester. And today my 850's heater core finally let go. So much fun cleaning up that mess.
  6. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=G29d6RDSK1c
  7. Ah, nice. Great. Ill be in San Francisco tomorrow afternoon with my family. I may get a tan!
  8. Can someone explain the red china dot pic?
  9. I HATE dry dry dry climates like AZ. I'm so thankful that I live in EP where there's still some humidity. Too dry is really hard to cope with too cause it feels like you're going to evaporate like Terminator 2's judgement day scene. For me humidity is a buffer almost against the heat.
  10. Nice. We just got one of those flash flood warnings a few minutes ago. I think our high is going to stay in the 70's, thank God.
  11. oh yeah! and moan like a gay man till you get what you want Dave. Then wipe your lips. And boy, it's raining now! That Oh Yeah! was supposed to be Betch and Moan stupid word police.
  12. That looks great Adam. I like your tail lights, they look jeweled almost.
  13. This weather here sucks. Rain for 10 minutes, then sunshine, then more rain, then sun, then more rain... Oh Texas summer.