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  1. Oh well then this changes everything if they're not letting you take your car. Let it sit in their driveway then! They'll probably get it fixed! LOL!

    But that doesn't make sense to me either. They're letting you go away to school, but wont let you take your car?

    Why are some parents so hard to deal with? Mine didn't want to let me go away for school after HS. So I worked all summer at my first job, HomeDepot, saved all my money, loaded my car, a Passat, and left. BOY they were pissed. I loved it, and stayed away for 8 years. I think they secretly wanted me to come running home in failure. I can't count the number of ramen noodle dinners I had because I was so tight on money. But I managed to live on my own, go to school, and work and not get into trouble or huge debt. Ah, Parents...

  2. So what I don't understand is your priorities. You'd rather have your family spend at least $1700 on a MBP, which in my college experience wasn't a necessary item to have. Instead of asking for help repairing your car. You could take advantage of the computers the campus has to offer, and still have your car. And next semester take a low interest student loan for a MBP and repay that on your own, you could even repay your parents for your car repairs if you wanted to. AND you'd be building credit history with your student loan. And you'd probably be able to get a grant for your school tuition.

    To me, freedom of transportation, especially when away from home is by far more important than a new computer. And a longboard does not equal a car.

    I got this riding a longboard :lol:



    Ouch. That's nearly what my Jaw surgery before my braces were put on looked like. Worse 9 weeks of my life, and the biggest hospital bill Ill probably ever see get paid with insurance. :)

  3. OMG YES

    Remove PS Pump

    Remove Alternator

    Remove Fan shrowd and top intercooler line and wireharness of front of engine

    Remove AC compressor

    now make sure not to strip any of the 100bolts you to remove and those freaking stupid ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD hexhead bolts that volvo uses on the ac compressor lines ..

    That's pretty much what I had to do with the beetle. But I also to mess with her lower engine splash guard thing, one screw didn't want to come out, and it was in the worse place to get at. And all the AC lines had hex bolts, which I like MUCH more than regular bolts. Good tools always get the job done well.

    Id still rather have the Volvo. Her oil filter is in the worse place ever. EVERY time I change the filter, the hoses that VW placed all around and under the filter get soaked, and make the oil splash all over. And her CEL is constantly on.

  4. IDK about our cars. I haven't had any AC problems yet. The P.O. had the evaporator and compressor replaced before I got it, so I hope that lasts for a while. But I've looked at some write ups for re-shimming the clutch, and it looks like hell to get the compressor out.

    I'm about to help a neighbor with his '97 GLT wagon sometime next month. We're going to replace the timing belt, WP and tensioners, cam seals AND the valve stem seals in a way the Volvo dealer replaced mine. Without removing the head. Ill make sure to make a write up. :ph34r:

  5. I just finished replacing the AC compressor, Accumulator, and expansion valve in my sisters Turbo Beetle. I thought it was going to be a bear to do, but it was actually pretty easy! Here's the pics and a video of how a compressor looks when the valve body is removed. She said it was working perfectly before she got to a friends house, then on her way home it just gradually got warmer and warmer till it was blowing outside air.







    Took it in after all that was done for a system vacuum, 45min leak test and refill, wow it's nice and cold now. I forgot how much pep this little thing had.

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  6. The ABS was easier than doing a brake job. Seriously took me an hour, max. And if I were buying a replacement engine, I'd buy it local, from the lowest mileage car I could find. I'd probably look for a wagon, thinking along the lines of socer mom, old lady car. ALWAYS peek into the oil filler cap and make sure there's no sign of dark deposits or sludge. It should be honey gold in there. Meaning the engine has had its oil changed. Look for a car with specs close to yours. Year, and a HPT. Plan on a new RMS, a timing belt job would be a good idea too... And this junk yard browsing will give you an idea of what's in your area, what parts are available, and you can hunt for a 5M swap for later on!

  7. it's probably more useful to you too since you're starting school in the fall. the fact that you are so tight on funds makes buying a car sound out of your league right now. The cheapest thing to do either way is fix this one, the fact that you think you don't have the funds makes buying a new car with new problems even less smart.

    This makes sense. This is logical. I vote for keeping what you have, fix it. At least you know it's a great car. At least you know it's relatively easy to fix. And I'm dead serious about that ABS module help. I'm sure you're going to be out more money if you sell it as is. Not to mention the hastle of trying to sell it as is.

  8. My God, I don't understand your logic at all. Selling your pegs to help you replace your engine isn't good in your mind because your perfos neeed tires?! WHO CARES about some cheap tires and some played out dime a dozen pegs. At least you'll have a running car again, or be closer to it. You can always get the tires LATER, or get some cheap discount tires! And your ABS module is super easy to fix, if you take it out and send it to me, I'll fix it for you for free and send it back same day. I did mine, all by myself, no writeups as a guide or anything more than two years ago and it's been as good as new. It's seriously super easy to remove and install. Sorry, I just hate seeing a really nice S70 go up for sale when it can be fixed. And I also hate guys who don't man up and take charge about situations, on their own, but need advice from their girlfriends about things that are going on in their life. Get it together or GTFO is my senitment right now.

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  9. Seriously man, if I'm not afraid of doing this kinda work, you shouldn't be. If Adam did it twice, you can do it. Just get off your butt and start looking for some help! You've got to start being a man and get past the mealy-mouth little girl excuses of oh I don't have the experience, I don't have the tools, I don't blah blah blah. And if your parents want the car out, find a place to put it. You've got this car here and now. It's paid off, it's a great car. You F'in ruined it. You should fix it. If you think you're going to be able to sell it, and find something else out there nicer, or be able to save any of the money you get from this car, think again. You won't find another turbo Volvo for what you're going to get for your S70 in the condition it's in now. Not even that sludgebarge of a turbo diesel Volvo, which happens to have a VW engine in it. And your car isn't even for sale yet, and the thought of that money is burning a hole in your pocket. You're going to end up with no car and no money if you sell it. Then we'll be hearing about oh I found this Volvo on CL, oh, I'm looking at this car next.... Just like that C70 guy.

    Oh it's a good thing I can't have kids. I'd never be able to take this kinda BS.

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  10. well mainly i just don't have 2k to spend unless i am selling the car. make sense? in 3 months when i'm living in eugene i'm gonna want money not a car at my house. so i'm either gonna sell the t5 and save all the money or get into something cheap i can afford to mess up and learn to fix.

    and, i really want a manual. really, really bad :ph34r:

    This doesn't make sense to me. But then, I'm not 17. You messed this car up, and you can learn to fix it. You're just being a little betch. Sell the rims, sell your butt to Grant, and you can fix your car.

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