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  1. LOL! nice. I wish I could find pics of my kittah beating my dogs up. That was great stuff. HELLEN GET IN CHAT NOW!
  2. Is it probation? And that'll learn ya! My boyfriend got pulled over after he had been "hot boxing" with friends when he was a teenager cause one of his rear bulbs didn't work. The cop didn't do anything to him tho, thank God.
  3. Go clean up some yards or whatever with Grant.y.poo. You're on parole?! I thought that was for murderers n stuff. LOL! No... But I gotta see this!
  4. Awwww. I love animals. And that's so super lame about the kittah service. I told you having a spotty background is the I'm dumb! Imagine if you had applied there. They run your background and they find that you been smokin' the gerbial pot. Oh the shame. I are excited about my flight to Dallas and my drive home in daddys new R Tuesday.
  5. WAT?! No! You have to do your Kittah service! :angry:
  6. I'm Vaseline in hand. hOw are u b? 1 hnd typ 4 me.
  7. I wouldn't either. Not my cup of tea.
  8. Oh yeah Justin. Tell her to cut her nails. Or just do it yourself. I really don't see why OT can't be OT on any topic. Peeps just need to keep an open mind.
  9. Im not sure Justin. I can see how Grants experience could be uncomfortable for anyone. Man or Woman. Im sure a fat one would be equally unpleasant. At least I'd never one one. I'm not fond of that area getting attention. My BF is. Honestly Justin, the wife should try better lube or something. Just remember to relax, take a few minutes, and enjoy yourselves. Cause when you hit the right spot it's seriously like OMG.WOW.THATS.AWESOME.DONT.STOP.EVAR!
  10. Yeah, Justin, think about it. When you're having sex, toes are often curled or pointing or something funny.
  11. Glad I could help be a part of your new weight loss plan.
  12. Wow. That's terrible! WHY would you even agree to tango with a cocktail sausage sized guy?! He'd better be damn hot. I've only had 4 experiences with catching, but he was not small, so it wasn't a bad experience, I was just bored. Are you at your own place?? Wake his ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD up and kick him out! Tell him you've got to get ready for a real man.
  13. Hey Grant, how was last nights toe pointing session with the red head??
  14. Brideshead revisited. Evelyn Waugh. One of my favorite novels!! In theatres now! Anyone seen it yet?? GRANT! You must see this!
  15. Adam. Your mom is performing tonight again at the gay bar, but it's sold out. Do you think you could get me and Joe a VIP pass??
  16. Lows here are in the teens. I could never do negatives for long periods of time.
  17. Nice. I miss California weather. It's been raining here almost everyday for a month. And it probably will continue till September.
  18. I love the rain. But I'm not going to take the chance and ruin sofas, a bed mattress, all of my furniture, My electronic stuff. All of my artwork. No no no no. So instead I'll go with Joe to get his hair cut, and take him out to lunch.
  19. So today was supposed to be moving day. But hurricane Dolly has other plans for me. Thanks oh yeah!.