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  1. Wow, that's exactly what I said a few posts up. Khax, I don't know why your fogs are not turning on. Is the bulb good?? Are you getting +12v at the fog light? You dont need the rear fogs on. But yes.
  2. The switch with the beam pointing down is the front fog. the beam pointing straigh out is the rear fog. When you flip the front fog there should be a little light on the switch that glows Does it glow with the key on and the lights turned on?
  3. you sure that's not just your rear fog light switch?!
  4. I think Khax was being serious. I was thinking to myself, wait... my moms and dads Volvo both came with bulbs.... Hmmm :arob:
  5. I don't want to find out. All of my professors always warn about plagiarism.
  6. I didn't know you needed a mention. I feel like I just got caught plagiarizing an essay.
  7. That's still not as disturbing as the lamprey fingers. :wacko:
  8. Me too, in the theatre. I didn't like it much. But I must admit, at the end, when Ennis found the shirt he "lost" in Jack's bedroom closet, it made me cry a little.
  9. POOR unfortunate souls! Aww. I was in the 5th grade. :P
  10. Hillary Swank. Boys Don't Cry. Hillary is more butch.
  11. Are you high Clairee?! They pulled you over for speeding on a skateboard?! WTF.
  12. Get it expunged with a lawyer as soon as you can, that's all I'm saying. Courts have programs for these things, but they do not clear themselves off your record. YOU have to source someone out after you're done with your program to have your record cleared. Think of your program like defensive driving. The ticket is there, it was dismissed, but there's still a record of it clearly stating what you did, when, and what you did to get out of it. Clearing your record in a way erases the offense from a background check, that way possible employers have no idea what you did.
  13. Whatever the job you get, you seriously need to save money to have your criminal arrest record cleared, expunged or whatever the term is. Almost every job now does a background check and all this mess will come up, and several employers will not hire anyone with a spotty background. No matter how minor the offense.
  14. Good luck to you. Dont cut your fingers off. Oh wow. 400 posts in 3 years. Nice.
  15. Ok. No more kitty speak. I'm getting farklempt.
  16. My kitty after his "exploratory surgery" only to find a tumor was attached to his heart lung and intestine. He was 13. I *LOVED* him. ...I had him put down right after I took the pic. He died in my arms.
  17. Nah. Not at all. Very laid back. I was bugging him to get him to look in my direction when he was interested in something outside.
  18. I miss my mechanics sidekick kittah. :(
  19. I haven't visited mine since my seal point siamese Simon died in October. I gave them all of my cat food and supplies, took a look at all the kittehs but I just got tears in my eyes and left. One day I'll be ready for more puss puss. :D