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  1. Nice boards bill! I miss having mine.
  2. Awww! That's cool! There's a local shelter here that I love helping out. You know, since I have no life and love the tazzy.
  3. You're cheating on me! I KNEW it! :o
  4. :rolleyes: It's the GUY singing. NOT the stupid lyrics, which I didn't bother to read.
  5. I hate that singing dork on the free credit report commercials.
  6. Those people were just awful. They need some lamprey to thin 'em up!
  7. Wow. Some people should not be allowed to breed.
  8. Lamprey Eel Fingers So apparently the left is a male lamprey, and the right is the female. And I thought Horseshoe crabs were disgusting. These things are #1 disgusting.
  9. What is this?! Cute with Chris auditions?
  10. Something tells me you're about to have your very own set of holy burnt fingers.
  11. You can usually get more done at 1pm than 2am.
  12. I think Texas has a curfew of 11pm for 18 and under. It's a failed attempt to curve crime.
  13. I can assure you, there will be NO wanking here.
  14. Here comes the rain again... What we're expecting again: http://youtube.com/watch?v=nt8GXQ3v32A
  15. I love the '04+ S80's. But if I were to buy one, I myself would get a 2.5T and not a T6. The T6's tranny had issues. My dads XC90 T6 AWD gave us a few issues. Nothing with the engine. All transmission issues. But, it wasn't a bad vehicle. Just a few first year issues.