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  1. But before those whores, these whores were it. Florida Crew "It's nice to meet you. My name is Blanche Devereaux, that's French for ...Blanche Devereaux."
  2. Thanks Grant. You know I can never have enough.
  3. Love the Sex and the City Miranda needs a lawnmower clip Brady made me But James Blunt now is like a death scentence to me now. I listened to that CD one too many times when it came out. (That was my bad year) :P
  4. *cue's Henry Mancini's Nadia's Theme. ...Musical theme to The Young & the Restless. ...Can you hear the violins playing?! :lol:
  5. OK I read that mess. What a bunch of school yard drama fingerpointing and crocodile tears. I seriously LOL'd when Adam said you got served, and Grant added in the lunch room. The whole thread was pretty amusing.
  6. ok, I'm not reading that whole thing. But if it happened outside of VS. Who cares?! ...stuff! Dave kicked my dog all the way down the street! OH NO! Let's have him banned! :rolleyes:
  7. Yeah? So? Same thing applies. ...And it should be fun to be able to spot all the reformed whores who've lost their cover from their drunken state.
  8. LOL! I'll have to watch for that if I ever go out again.
  9. There really is no way to tell other than a blood test. But that just kills everything. Oh, sorry, we can't kiss. You may be a whore.
  10. But what if they're reformed whores? Doesn't mean they don't have herpes.
  11. +1 Eggzackly. I read some where a long time ago that some STD's could be spread by touching things in a public bathroom. For instance. If you go to the urinal, and it hasn't been flushed in a week. It stinks like hell right?! Well, you go to flush it, and it's broken. So you just hold your breath and relieve yourself. Well, if someone right before you tried to flush after touching themselves durring an outbreak, surprise. You may have something now. I don't know what the likelyhood is, but it's like catching a cold I guess. Someone stop me. My OCD is kicking in. :blink:
  12. Gross old men. Sex is really gross when you think about it. So many un-curable cooties out there. Even kissing can spread herpes. I'd rather be alone and healthy.
  13. I dont like SS because JRL points out spelling and grammar errors, and he has made his fair share of errors. The only thing I like about SS is the search feature. I don't know about a donation method here. I purchased a membership. When it expires I plan to purchase a lifetime. ...when it's on sale. :)
  14. WOW. I love my ad free skin SO much! Thanks FlyFisher!!
  15. WHY, only on THIS site does my mac highlight certain words, and provide those ANNOYING "Content Link Advertisements" How do I turn that crap off?! Jesus?? Corey?? Does this happen on your mac??
  16. QUOTE (Plan_B @ Jun 3 2008, 08:35 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Clearly you are jealous, but don't be.....some day you will be as cool as Reid, hopefully.....someday. Clearly, you're very confused. I think Reid is unattractive. I've made that very clear to you several times. I'd NEVER want to look, act, or be anything like YOU or your imaginary boyfriend, Reid. If anyone in this forum is unhappy with themselves, insecure, inappropriate, immature, it's you. You're obviously the one who's constantly unhappy with what they see in the mirror. Your attempts to intimidate me will fail time after time Grant. I know you're just trying to make yourself feel better about the void you are as a person.
  17. You're a dick to EVERYONE. And me making a statement about his tight girl jeans gets your panties in a knot. That makes me laugh.