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  1. WTF is with you and Reid?! :rolleyes:
  2. I sense it went to someone who does not share your viewpoints. And to re-iterate I am not someone who is a part of gay culture, feminine, or wanting to marry his boyfriend. I'm just someone who believes everyone should be considered equal, and be given the same equal human rights. And from a religious view, I don't consider myself religious, but I think that God created all of us equally. And I think he'd want us to treat each other as equals. ...I have yard work waiting for me to attend to before a storm hits. Peace all. B)
  3. CONDEMN –verb 1. to express an unfavorable or adverse judgment on; indicate strong disapproval of; censure.
  4. Since Dave gave us a and chose not to clearly define his point. I'm stating mine clearly. This is the USA. "The land of the free" I believe in the freedom of choice. I believe in RESPECT to individuals freedom of choice. If I don't like what others are doing, I respect them by keeping my opinions to myself, and letting them live their lives as they see fit. If they break the law, they will be punished. I have no right to judge another persons actions, or the way they live their life. Only God has that right. I believe all people should have the same human rights. We humans should all be given the same opportunities in life as anyone else. If we screw up those opportunities, that's not anyone's business but our own. People who are threatened by change around them have no right to condemn a group of people in a society to try to keep that old way of life. If someone is fond of his religious beliefs, their precious traditions, etc. they are free to continue with those beliefs and traditions. But they should not be free to condemn others that are not similar to their own beliefs or traditions. To me, this is school yard bully stuff. "If you're not like me, you're a freak, and you should be outcast." I find individuals who think like that the scum of the earth pathetic excuses for human beings. I'd rather associate with a feminine man, which I find agonizingly annoying, than to associate with an insecure, narrow minded, self righteous, ignorant fool who's spouting off his annoyances and preaching to anyone who'll listen for people to follow his lead. ...Because he thinks his way of life is the right way of life.
  5. So far I agree to men with feminine mannerisms being annoying. But, I find narrow mindedness annoying too. The use of the bible, religion, sexual orientation, to condemn others who are not the same, wrong.
  6. And BTW, yes. Jamestown, VA. 1500's
  7. So to make sure I understand this thread completely, and before I start to defend my own view point, what EXACTLY is your topic?
  8. I'm Jewish. And this country is supposed to be the land of the free. Where we can all practice or not practice our own religion. Religion should not be part of EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS since we all have the freedom of religion. I believe we should all have the freedom to equal human rights.
  9. Agreed! I also think that theses couples that are considering marriage need to be given the same tests for marriage. I think TOO many couples, gay and straight take marriage too lightly. I take my relationship serious. And I'm not even married! I've known married guys that dont respect their marriage at all by being unfaithful. You make vows to eachother and to God. You'd better damn well intend to stick to those vows in my opinion.
  10. I've tried to read as much of this as I could. I can partially understand where you're coming from Dave. I personally have no gay "friends". I have a few acquaintances, but I never hang out with them. I hate going to gay bars/clubs/events. I am always bored and very disgusted with the over abundance of acting in feminine dramatics. I can not relate to those guys at all. They actually ignite a rage within me. I have sometimes wanted to knock a few out and ask them WHY they're prancing around like teenage girls on crack, wearing tight girl pants, like Reid wore to Jesus' B-day Party. I can understand why gay bashing and gay hate crimes happen. I don't understand WHY some gay men feel that type of behavior is attractive, cute, or necessary. I'm a man. I was raised to behave, dress, and be respectful like a man. I have never been able to follow gay stereotypes like fashion trends, trendy "gay" music, etc. The stereotype of gay men being promiscuous makes me seriously ill. But then heterosexuals being promiscuous makes me sick too. I've been in two relationships in my life. My first was when I was 17 - 25. My current relationship has lasted almost a year. Those are the only two guys I've ever "been" with. Would I want to get married? I don't know yet. Did I "choose" to be gay? Not that I can recall. I believe people have no choice in their sexual orientation. At least I don't. Do I want to be gay? No, of course not. WHY would anyone want to be considered "abnormal"?! Why don't I "just go straight" you ask? Well, because I'm not sexually turned on by vaginas and being sexually intimate with women. Plus, I'd then be living a lie, because I am not straight. I'd be lying to the woman I'd be in a relationship with if I'd ever go through the motions of a heterosexual relationship. I respect women very much. I couldn't think of disrespecting or hurting a woman. Lies in my book are worse than many things. I pride myself very much on living an honest, clean life, trying to be a good person, be accepting and respectful of all other people, being monogamous in my relationships, abstaining from random sexual encounters completely. I just wanted you to know that not all homos fit into your generalization. And that some homosexual couples may be more deserving of marriage than some heterosexual couples.
  11. You sir, need a personal picture.

  12. Hey! All's well in Texas! How's things on your end?!