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  1. Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand Just like that river twistin' through a dusty land And when she shines, she really shows you all she can Oh Rio Rio dance across the Rio Grande. B)
  2. Terry is one of my favorite characters on Reno 911, of course, and yes, so far better than him.
  4. You wanna do it in my butt, in my butt? Let's do it in my butt, in my butt, oh yeah. That song is so disgusting, but it's funny. I hate that. :lol:
  5. When his tiara was taken away I LOL'd Gross.
  6. He popped up a few times after he was de-throned.
  7. I'd certainly be down to meet the west coasters. Except Grant. There's only one or two I'd want to avoid in all.
  8. Now that I think about it, I don't really care for many other people either. But I like the VS clan. ....Well, most of you anyhow.
  9. Srsly Justin, I usually HATE most other fags.
  10. Seems like I'm the only gay guy in El Paso who isn't interested mainly in fashion trends, the top 40 dance/club songs, and being good at being loud and gay. But he's a really nice regular guy. B)
  11. Awwwwwww. Someone I've been dating said something really nice to me in a voice message. Apparently the names Nathan and Matthew (Which is his name) mean The Gift of God in Hebrew. And well, he called me his gift from God. :wub: Sometimes little kind gestures make a big difference in the quality of your day. ;)
  12. LOL I think they do get offended. The other day my mom and I were having a conversation, at some point in the conversation she mentioned she was "middle aged" (she's 56) My response was a smart, Middle aged?! How many 112 year olds do you know??!! ....She wasn't smiling after I said that. I was. :lol:
  13. NICE! That's one reason why I don't miss living in California. AND on the news this morning there was a spot on the ZOMBIES AHEAD road sign hacking in Austin. I LOL'd :lol:
  14. What an AWFUL night's "sleep" last night. There's two huge owls, which I love usually, they apparently like to perch right outside my bedroom window... They were hootin' back and forth ALL night long. I like them, so I haven't tried to discourage them to hang around, but something kept me VERY alert last night and they were all I could hear. I have a feeling that today's going to drag along. :(
  15. It's not a Canadian plate either, eh?
  16. Too played. And that Volvo incentive is REALLY tempting.
  17. And now it's time for some fun Heavy on the "assador" Oh it's Apple Martini and lube. :lol: I can't get over his statements. Apparently there's 3 other bishops who feel the same way. He should talk about something he knows something about. Like homosex. :angry:
  18. Hmm, worked for me, but I cleared and re-embedded the link.
  19. Bishop Williamson on Holocaust Gas Chambers This really upsets me. I remember my grandfather telling my cousins and I stories of his childhood in Poland. Having to endure the Nazi's torture. Just trying to help each other so they could all live another day. Seeing him so emotional over the loss of his family members always comes back to me when I think of the Holocaust. And now this. I know I shouldn't really give a damn about what some moron thinks may or may not have happened, but that video, his demeanor, and so much more really upsets me. And it's not only Jews who were tortured and executed, it's almost everyone who wasn't Aryan. I wonder how those people feel about this bishop's opinion.
  20. Why not just leave it alone and let it melt. No scratches that way.
  21. It's called I'm dumb. I speak it fluently. You'll NEED it in college. Trust me.