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  1. Great, Now you're going to be so original.
  2. I have NO doubt they do. I bet they buy them in bulk.
  3. He used Chinese cock rings in his engine bay.
  4. Your avatar looks like a cock ring ... one you can't get out of once you put on. I guess kinda like a chinese finger trap. Hmm. When in a pinch. :rolleyes:
  5. ...Well hello little boy. Would you like some candy??? :ph34r:
  6. ^^^^ Why does that strike me as something only a gay man would say? ...Mmm! That'ss jusst heavenly! Thankssss! Ssave sssome of that cucumber for later, we'll ussse it for facials!
  7. Yeah, I bet things get by. Especially here in TX where it floods every year if you're in the valley areas. Lots of those cars just go to detail shops, get vacuumed and dried out. If there's hydrolocking to the engine, there's several salvage yards here and an engine is easily replaced. Insurance companies usually don't even know there was any damage.
  8. Not true. If the car title was salvaged in PA, and you take it to NM, they likely will give you a clear title. I've seen several salvaged cars come in with clear titles, but have had salvage car history in another state. I don't know how it works, but it is possible. That's why you always have to check car history. Plus some insurance companies wont fully insure a salvage titled car.
  9. Those rare colors are exceptionally ugly. They all resemble baby stuff.
  10. Dave, why would you want stairs? I HATE them. I'm so sick of having to walk up and down the stairs in my condo. I'm a huge fan of the Ranch style houses. Huge lawns, sprawled out floorplans, massive kitchens, usually detached garage. :tup:
  11. make sure you check and top off your blinker fluid too
  12. Tonic water. Mineral water. :P Srsly tho. The local water companies add minerals and who knows what else for "improved health" for living things. A car just needs the H2o.
  13. You ONLY want to use distilled water. No minerals = no mineral deposits.
  14. Fix the elbow, then just unplug the battery for a few seconds. It resets the CEL. OR you can pull the ECU out for a few seconds... also resets the CEL. I don't know which is easier. And I just bought coolant a few weeks ago, it was still green. No hint of blue.
  15. This was when I lived in San Antonio, so it was a subtropical climate. They're pretty rare in El Paso, which is a little less humid, and gets colder.
  16. LMAO! Do you guys have Opossum's where you live?? When I was much younger I thought there was a kitten under my car, or in my engine, cause I saw a kitten looking animal run under my car while I was walking to it. And me being an animal lover, needed to make sure there was no kitty under or in my engine before I drove off. I opened my hood, and out pops this VERY angry opossum hissing and screaming. Scared the crap out of me. They're ugly and vicious.
  17. Racoon's are cute, but they steal everything. We have squirrels here. They fight amongst the other squirrels over a piece of dog food, when there's a whole bowl of dog food to be had. Fun to watch.
  18. I love me some 80's Canadian Music :wub: :wub: ...even tho his lips remind me of Wanda from In Living Color.
  19. And now some pics of my Green spotted puffers, Hannibal and Clarisse. :P They're killers. They eat live ghost shrimp, all the periwinkle snails I can gather from local pet stores that dont want the little pests. And they've been giving the feeder guppies a good chase too, but haven't been able to eat one yet.