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  1. That's not really much of an upgrade.
  2. I'm SO bored. Adam isn't IMing me back. The little love interest is away with his friends. No one's online. There's nothing on TV. ...So I'm looking at used cars on ebay. It makes me sad and kinda wanting to get a "new" car.
  3. He can loose the "wings" The rest can stay as is.
  4. Scary??! NAH! That's what Dave wishes he looked like.
  5. ^^^ I just get so disappointed when I see those things. Pigeon brains.
  6. Some admin oh yeah! on a puffer fish forum I JUST politely posted to cause one of my puffer fish was curled up and laying on the gravel, and he'd never done that before is giving me attitude. oh yeah! doesnt know who she's fooling with. If she sass's me one more time I'm going to tell her off and ask her to delete my account since I'm obviously not going to get a simple answer to a simple question (Is that normal behaviour or not) but only her bitchy sassafras. ...Whore
  7. I don't usually get pissed off. Annoyed, yes. Angry, not usually.
  8. That's not pissed off. I'm in a pretty good mood now.
  9. Wow, where do I begin?! There's SO many things wrong. The main thing is it must be fake. And someone didn't keep the Sharpie, oh, I mean el pluma charpie away from that ruca. And es que look at her orange peroxide "Latina gold" hair, guey. Que FEO! I'm surprised her name isn't on the ID too. Blanca Marqueza Nina DeSimones Perera Del Bueno. AKA La Shy Girl.
  10. Oh yeah. I really am getting annoyed with heavy accents. Or maybe I'm just getting really racist. Every time I have to call Apple care support, Nextel, HP support, it's always difficult to understand what the hell whoever is on the other end of the line is trying to say. So I just keep hanging up and dialing back to get to the Austin call center, for Apple Care I mean. Or in public here, I'm always having to say, I'm sorry, what? I don't speak spanish. And I always get the sassy "Why you no speak spanish?!" "Because I'm not from Mexico, I don't live in Mexico, and because I don't want to speak spanish, that's why. Why don't you speak english?!" is always my response. Damn it I'm irritated. oh yeah! oh yeah! oh yeah!. This is fun. :lol:
  11. Cute. But really, isn't that what this thread is for? A catch all nonsense thread? A separate Kitty thread I can see. But a separate oh yeah! thread?! I always thought that thread was super stupid. I'll oh yeah! here, thanks.
  12. Since this is my first full week back at work and since I'm done eating my slices of hard boiled egg, some avocado slices and tuna fish with rice cakes early, I'm going to complain about how I'm sick of complains, and my general irritating Friday. 1. I overheard two co-workers this morning complaining about gas prices, the economy, how much they think gas will be by this summer, and their opinion of Bush and Obama. One of those co-workers lives in Mexico, isn't a citizen, and commutes every day. Usually running late. I wanted to say something SO badly about how he should shut the monkey up with his opinions of anything relating to the US, and be happy he's allowed to make a living in the US, and go back to Mexico every day. It irritates me, the people who are not US citizens, but work or live here, have the balls to complain about anything and slander the state of the nation. Damn it! You should be happy you're working, have all sorts of benefits, have covered parking, or GTFO if you don't like it. 2. I hate it when someone takes a stuff or a leak and walks right out of the bathroom without washing their hands. Where were these people raised? In a barn?! These are nice facilities with nice soap, and a choice of towels or air dry. WTF is so hard about washing your hands?! 3. When the mother monkey in the space next to me in the garage at work can't park his POS huge mother load Range Rover in his own damn space, and is in my space. I think I'm going to go out and leave a post it note on his window after this rant. "Dear asshole, learn how the monkey to park your loomis." 4. All of these transition to Digital TV alerts and 'how to' broadcasts are getting really old. All of these learned helplessness people in line, completely lost. With the exception of the elderly, it's not much more difficult than plugging in a VCR. How do these people function? Other than slowly. 5. I'm sick of having to remind a co-worker I need to have her exception reports in to me by noon every poking friday. If she didn't monkey off all week so much I could be doing my end of week work right now instead of having nothing to do but wait and write this stuff. Hope everyone's friday is well, hope all of you are happily employed, or happily not (Justin ♥), Hope everyone's family is well, etc. etc. etc. I also hope that skank hurries up with those G-damned reports so I can get my job done and get the F out of here!
  13. No, but I want to. Clint Eastwood movies are :tup:
  14. You're going to give Grant prison fantasies.
  15. monkey that stuff. School doesn't start till the 19th for me. I still want more vacation. Monday was my first day back to work.
  16. ...Breakin out the Vinyl tonight while packing the duffel bag with a weeks worth of clothes. My little sister is over with her best friend and they're dancing around and singing along in their pajamas. Kids are cute sometimes. :lol:
  17. They're funny! She's funny! I think I have enough Tyra gifs to be able to change my avatar once a day for the next few months. Corey has a hysterical Tyra gif as his sig pic:
  18. When are you going to get your damn title, damn it?!